Store Fires Clerk After Robbery at Gunpoint

Employee held at gunpoint loses job for having too much cash in register.
1:04 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Store Fires Clerk After Robbery at Gunpoint
Douglas Moore was fired from the -- and farms and -- just one day after he was held at gunpoint on December 22. Moore was told by his bosses he had too much money. In the cash register at the time of the robbery according to more company policy state -- five dollars is a limit at all times. To prevent that employees a required to put the extra money into a safe something -- says he was trying to keep up with. What explains the store was extremely busy with people picking up last minute Christmas gifts take a listen what he had to say as most customers who knew and liked him. There was action movie visitors of people buying lottery -- -- -- they -- buying gift cards -- it was just -- -- and -- -- -- and oh -- other subsidies like cleaning makes everything -- from. They should take him back as a -- you know he's an excellent worker. Yeah highly it is very differently and I was enjoyed coming -- here is two and patronize the place when he was working. Moore who was with the store for close to two years is working to put himself through college. Michael cross ABC forty.

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{"id":15332658,"title":"Store Fires Clerk After Robbery at Gunpoint","duration":"1:04","description":"Employee held at gunpoint loses job for having too much cash in register.","url":"/Business/video/store-fires-clerk-robbery-gunpoint-15332658","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}