BBQ Tips to Grill Like a Celebrity Chef at Your 4th of July Party

Bellagio's Executive Chef, Edmund Wong reveals his secrets to create the best BBQ on the block.
5:41 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for BBQ Tips to Grill Like a Celebrity Chef at Your 4th of July Party
Hello welcome to real -- that Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening right now fourth of July as you know right around the corner but before you turn that -- We have a celebrity chef in house to teach you how to do it right also we're calling it the FaceBook facelift people literally feeling pressure. To look perfect on social media but not everyone is about glitz and glamour wait until he hears some of the most bizarre plastic surgery request. They're out there from snakes splitting -- took home lying alterations. We have the pictures and the stories to prove -- these really did happen it's kinda crazy. Also speed of social media the CEO of -- the dating at -- -- is buzzing about he joins us right here in studio. But first with fourth of July right around the corner and if you're like me you're already thinking about how you can host the best barbecue party for your -- because. You're all about the eating in the drinking. Don't stress that we rot in a world renowned chef to share his easy grilling guide secrets with you. -- you can impress your friends and we want to welcome to the program -- long he's the Bellagio. Executive chef it's so nice to have you thank you Rebecca all the way from Las Vegas all the way from Las Vegas from. On this from the sun and the heat from the so this is actually not so hot compared to Las Vegas in the summertime -- that this is lovely weather here. Think it's lovely even though it's very humid and approximately ninety degrees at night. Which we don't have that -- -- will we love that you came here to join us you brought. By the way we welcome -- spring fun accessories along to share what's on the table. So we have a lot of great fun food. We have very very special this it's a boneless corporates which -- been marinated with their very own special -- -- spice trail. And here we have here -- although little different ingredients that go into our spice route. And then we also have a lovely yogurt very -- That is perfect for the summer fourth of July island for a to taking into that. We promised people fourth of July tips for the best fourth of July barbecue so what are -- top tips and tell me about the things people should be getting ready now. Well one things that he can do now it for fourth of -- is actually in this place. It's on the great tips that wanted to share with you today is. Is to marinate your your -- humans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's eight to ten ingredients in the can mix and match -- -- like to see if you wanted to deliver more spicy you know but -- Chile's. If you want though that more -- -- -- and more brown sugar. One secret ingredients that we have is to have an espresso powder. Which -- certainly a nice little kick to it. And how advanced because this is a big question for me -- love love that taste of barbecue with the spice -- But that's always up in the air how long in advance do we need to actually put this thing on the -- for its -- that way was so we marinate -- Is between four hours at a time -- can -- 36 hours and time. And let it really -- into the -- and let it marinade and get all that lovely flavor. And so then we took it very very slowly on -- barbecue which is our second -- how do you do that. How do one thing to know how -- -- -- solely on the stove because you can turn the heat around but how do you do it on the barbecue what it takes a little bit -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we love to use is sound charcoal. And that gives a little bit more flavors while. And you can add wood chips to that and you can just sort of -- that the cools off the side and that that really -- slowly. And one of the things that we talk what is no -- so as you cook your ribs on the barbecue you close the lid. And then you can go and enjoy and talk to your friends your family that's more cocktails have some. How many cocktails -- -- having here before it's ready but as -- like -- 123. You know. It's for -- risks how long would you say they they require on. On the ground we probably do -- -- think -- six hours nice and slow six hours in Mason -- a lot of cocktail that is a lot of cocktails. That he can also. Pre boil on the little bit so cook them in a little bit of steam when you're still. What you hope -- cut down on the time little bit. And hope and horizon and then maybe just finished -- -- -- for what three hours and that slow. Slow process. Take -- so what's it like being a celebrity chef at Las Vegas. It's a lot of -- are you hiding from -- that the people outside. Know we really want to engage in it and embrace or against Pittsburgh. That's why we're there because we want to cook for them and we want we love seeing. Expressions when they taste great yummy food. And Austria -- fun part of it at all this is to be with our guests an -- you're cooking with that yes. Because people are going to chefs gold at Las Vegas that we have a very own culinary classroom that we share our -- are recipes with. And we make it so that people can make it at home song we know that they're very busy. And that's. You know it's a simple rest that they can do in Winston angry after work and have a good they get home made me wonder. -- -- -- long we so appreciate you being with us here thanks so much for joining us and next time around Las Vegas we'll see at the Bellagio thank you heard it. We're just removing some of the delicious things from chapel on that he brought a -- with us and we'll have those in a little bit. Also for anyone out there after you're done eating all that delicious worth -- night that you might be and in need of liposuction while we're just kidding about that.

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{"id":24322524,"title":"BBQ Tips to Grill Like a Celebrity Chef at Your 4th of July Party","duration":"5:41","description":"Bellagio's Executive Chef, Edmund Wong reveals his secrets to create the best BBQ on the block.","url":"/Business/video/summer-bbq-tips-grill-celebrity-chef-4th-july-24322524","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}