Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Campaign Kickoffs

A sneak peek at the new ads debuting during the big game.
4:02 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Campaign Kickoffs
-- is nearing not just for the Super Bowl but also for a number of new ad campaigns being debuted during the big game. Here to talk about five of this Purdue grad as Jim Cooper executive editor of ad week Jim thanks so much. For coming in so perhaps has talked about -- so far is the -- one with Matthew Broderick as there is dealer. Let's take a look at that one right off the -- here. One of the worst performances my career and he never doubted -- -- -- second. He adds dammit it seems like a lot of these companies have this strategy going in this -- to get these videos to go viral on places like YouTube. -- for the commercials even -- Yet it is it is definitely a huge trend this year laster -- there are few reds that lead early. This year I would say him almost half of the -- the -- This one I was -- this week in advance the game that's gotten incredible viral buzz people either love it or hated. It's deathly going to be the most talked about -- to -- for sure. OK and hot commercial of follow up on the Star Wars themes or ZW would like about that -- Eyewitness. Is sort of an homage to the VW from the year prior which was definite best at a -- For 2011. This adds -- combines Star Wars and dogs which seems to be a double threat in terms failed to sort of really. -- resonate with viewers I think -- -- pretty successful. OK so are actually watching the baby Darth Vader ad which was really successful and I agree that sort of a double threat. -- this sort of a Cheap Trick I think it's -- -- always seems to sell with a certain audience and especially the Super Bowl audience and that's godaddy is after with their ads at a clip from godaddy. That she stands out like a hot new deck of they definitely get you noticed that's nice mark businesses go with natsios. One two hot successful strong sexy one and what do you think of this jam. I mean I -- -- sex -- dogs and kids always do pretty well for miserable. I really think this is run its course has created is finished and you know this -- more about Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels in the companies so -- are related business jumped the shark. -- -- You're critical of the godaddy add at least that meant can be equally objective -- it during the Super Bowl hasn't an ad. For underwear featuring David Beckham this other one that went viral. Pretty easy on the eyes there what do you think of this one. Well let me if -- you have to remember that a full half of the audience miserable -- female. So this is going to I think appeal to them. Next -- list but adds we should talk about are the dear readers ads this campaign successful. This trip has really interesting and fun because I'm at the contest and people submit their. They're -- they can be submitted by -- anybody. And but often these in this -- -- in the Super Bowl and this is my favorite this -- baby to really funny. This -- up on the -- got from the year prior but they can be really really good. Again dogs and babies. I -- I don't need that Coca-Cola bears are back today that popular. On coats -- holiday cans but I guess people still love and -- Well the reason this that is interesting is -- -- two part. There's an out in the first half. But they shots -- -- and depending on the course of the game they'll show whichever. Works -- -- one of the bears is a pats them on the bears as a giants fan and they'll show. The view of the pats they're being happy the giants fear of being happy in the second quarter. -- right and Tuesday. Jim Cooper executive editor at week thanks so much for coming in and we should tell our viewers if they want to see more Super Bowl ads right now they can get -- -- weak dot com slash super dash. -- Jim thank you have. -- very welcome.

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{"id":15507443,"title":"Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Campaign Kickoffs","duration":"4:02","description":"A sneak peek at the new ads debuting during the big game.","url":"/Business/video/super-bowl-2012-commercials-campaign-kickoffs-15507443","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}