Timeless Fashion: How To Make Your Old Clothes Look Brand New

Zady launches their own farm-to-fashion timeless clothing line.
4:15 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Timeless Fashion: How To Make Your Old Clothes Look Brand New
Labor Day weekend is upon us it is nearly September and before you know it. Leaves are going to be turning brown yes fall is almost here. And it's time to get the sweaters well I went welcomes to ride to Robbie and Maxine being who. Created this sustainable and -- with clothing company is eighty and speaking of sweaters. -- the big announcement coming up on sweaters and read it we just announced yesterday. On our one year anniversary that -- will be launching our online. In time for the holidays and the first piece of the line will be a timeless essential sweater what is it -- Essential sweater well really exciting because it's made from the sheep. All the way to final production all in the US products we -- -- really excited but makes -- Imus says it's made with natural materials. That she becomes the -- and and that becomes a cozy beautiful sweater. And it's and I really great -- similar to what we see here. Race neutral as everything really is gonna work together. So you're gonna wanna Wear it until cozy and don't really stylish and it. Not just for one season but for like. These are the clothes on your site right now -- -- some of the things that are available right now in your whole philosophy is. That timelessness the ability to know where your clothing came from. And -- that it will last very very long time I -- -- -- means a grandfather in Yiddish and prosperity in Arabic and what we're trying to do is. Bring true transparency to products that we think at last a lifetime are all about timeless classics that -- stylish -- will be stylish and five years. And so what you see in front of you just a sampling of the men and women's apparel at least on the site that meets our criteria one of the issues and and we talk a lot of real -- with people who are manufacturing things whether -- clothing. Or otherwise. And one of the arguments you frequently hear is how difficult it is to manufacture something to get me here in the United States. Yet it's not easy where working with one of the last two remaining -- houses. In the entire country and I used to be and being industry for us. But when you find those partners they're so excited and -- -- willing to work with -- even if you're not a massive company because they're excited about the growth for the future. I'm and what's really great about working in United States is there's a really wonderful regulatory environments he can feel good that. -- making product that's great for the environment and supporting local economy. And you know that the people who are making it hard leaving at least by the US laws which protect the worker. Treated fairly for their hard work we have minimum wage in this country and very few other countries do and so we're we're proud to -- all our products in the US and proud to support. American -- designers like the ones at least on our site you mention though there are just these two would die makers and the US says it is right now. How can she do when you're first coming up with this idea and I know how important it was to you to find it so I -- you would have without it no matter what. But for other companies worth thinking about trying to do this and make it here in America what's the process. It's a lot of research but you know what we found is we made a lot of calls I was definitely a part of it and we found are firing -- In -- again and she was fantastic and she really helped us connect all the dots together. And that's what happens you develop this really positive community. And the result since the consumer wants this the consumers interested in a product that they can feel really great about. Com and being made in America is definitely something -- excited about. The rat the last -- you -- here on real -- is. -- -- selling out at LaGuardia Airport -- -- -- -- pop -- -- are -- to see another pop up sheppard's -- we will certainly see more pop -- shops busy in the near future we had a successful in the Hamptons this summer one in Brooklyn a few months before that for -- pop -- experiences -- way to connect with our customers in the real world. Get to know them by their first names help them pick up products from our site. I think it's the story is that sell themselves once people recognize that they can -- beautiful stylish items that have. Names of makers behind them there all the more ready to believe something into treasury for a long time. Ceramic -- so glad to see you again best wishes and everything the sweaters are out this December. Yeah. The holidays perfect timing couldn't thank you so much have a great day.

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{"id":25176949,"title":"Timeless Fashion: How To Make Your Old Clothes Look Brand New","duration":"4:15","description":"Zady launches their own farm-to-fashion timeless clothing line.","url":"/Business/video/timeless-fashion-make-clothes-brand-25176949","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}