Top Food and Wine Tips from Celebrity Chef Todd English

Todd English corks the secrets on paring food with his favorite wine.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for Top Food and Wine Tips from Celebrity Chef Todd English
We turned US celebrity chef Todd English he's here in the house with the taste of food and wine from Mohegan sun's annual wine -- And -- Love to see you here thank you first of all they think you for bringing some delicious treat it was great to be here it's the perfect way to start a morning like -- -- this good so what do you have. What we have -- -- -- my restaurant in and Mohegan Sun is Italian -- -- Italian and who doesn't love Italian food but -- producer could replace here. With -- -- and other homemade salami some -- -- codes that are. And then -- have this. Buffalo milk mozzarella so which are eligible for in the -- -- that we're doing for -- segment -- all about the buffalo so. All of the capital L about the -- so is there actual buffalo is it just not a little hot there LS UV going to be roasting Buffalo's -- -- -- -- -- supposed to -- popular -- low fat content and and actually -- buffalo forms now in Connecticut's original news you know the local news local you know eat local the whole thing that's going on. And I would do and a lot of there and it's it's becoming really quite -- this really -- -- -- people actually really like him so I'm very excited about that. -- who -- that's who is is really fun yeah Mohegan Sun. Just goes all out. In undiagnosed illness and turn -- And you -- winds here today also by the way you did there are -- yes I'm an addiction and if you like one right here's your report thank you up pushing your way right I -- you sneaking -- by -- -- -- -- we -- gonna say about the people's yes these -- bison meat balls don't really so there you go they're the other. The -- -- so though the wind hearings how do you what's the secret to -- a wine with the food. What you know obviously food and -- -- that the perfect marriage -- -- are trying to do with what what great goes with what the food is you know so this is this is on these are two of my favorites are so there's there's super Tuscan structure. Our winds that are. Made with. I think Merlo cabernet and in the local group which is used in county -- -- and those coveted mustard. Most well known anti -- It goes with this it's -- it's -- it's fruity so nice facets of really. Picks up all these players here is looking for components in the wind that have are also components in the -- -- that's kind of the general rule that without trying to get too -- about it. You know -- -- you're always better off going. With the wind from that region. So all of the region are idiots up yes you know you're reading from a certain region just takeaway from that region which is pretty much engine route words when he walked into the wine shop OK you're not Todd English if you're taught English and you have somebody else -- -- the -- or -- would expect to go to -- restaurant and think ahead -- that. That sentiment for the people who do walking -- and are looking for the best advice what would think that should come out of your mouth when you're trying to explain what you want. Well you know I think -- more drinkable. You know I think you know and I you know you don't have to spend. -- -- 300 dollars and a bottle you can do something in the twenties or thirties so there's really delicious really wonderful and is drinkable and I mean -- It doesn't need to be from the the -- century just needs to be from you know the last three or four years there is there Kobe especially with whites drink and a lot younger. And again tried if you think about what you which -- eating appeared having steak. You know you're gonna want to have something that's a little bigger and forward cavernous where those successors so. It -- just a little bit of knowledge on the grapes and then just tell what you're -- you know feel there's a good wind so when -- -- the -- -- -- right direction. All have been hearing about a global wine short -- of that happening. I don't know as well because you were arguing yeah. I want incident that lined up early today that you're back as -- -- and -- that I had that. He has to do -- make -- -- You know its interest in I think wind now is you know -- this is more popular than -- -- actually. You know if you go to Europe so Americans is the curriculum award -- -- -- I think it's really catching on here -- well. With -- -- food -- on notice that -- get in and also which are seen is more global wines that are appearing in that we never -- before you know like. Example warrants from Turkey right ample once in China. How the -- from -- in China actually very delicious you know actually I haven't had a lot from John it is just it's sort of a very young industry there but. I stated that Turkey go there in the summer time monitoring their local ones. Delicious and its Mediterranean climate it's like Greece she notes is seen. Idea the local grapes which I don't even know most of them but I just say give -- the Turkish -- but what's good and it's always delicious and goes with the food so tonight. I wanted to stop you there because I I am Nickerson your take on the food industry in general right now -- Come here by the way standards well I'll ousted during -- beautiful quiet but the global passable only accept anything that isn't even more curious -- drugs -- drinking that's why it. Also -- -- could try to -- but we will we definitely will take. In terms of food industry right now you know why -- gotten so hot but so is food and I I feel like everybody no matter where you go in the country now -- -- -- -- I think -- -- -- you know. It's it's. I think because food is now -- I think people this revolution with -- -- with. The celebrity chefs lately it when you're -- you're actually in his knowledge people want to know at end. You know it it's it's it's -- if you think about in this country's relatively young -- the last thirty years of really. You know as opposed to Europe which is -- years old yet here you know. There's great food great local -- grape growers and in the industry is changes are Keisel is not the people really started catch on us and Witasick who would -- -- You know what is what is going on here. And so buffalo definitely one of the things he could go anywhere I mean I was in. You know I was in where was -- was -- -- in Detroit. A few weeks ago and and they and the idea that -- there's these local forms I was in Pittsburgh visit all these local local food. All over the country -- Delicious. Are seasonal growers expertise and cheese makers but he's -- -- -- you know bakers all sorts of great food and you know that that movement is because people are demanding -- and yes we as chefs -- this in OK this is what we have to do to. To to change an industry that's something that I've been to them in this Anderson thirty plus years. And it was you know one of -- -- -- -- say okay what's going on why we eating out of cans when we should be eating fresh local what's in season. You know what's organic. And and to be able to find it for a relatively inexpensive and valuable piece of food. When it comes to those winds what are your three top picks for cheap -- -- a but -- you know inexpensive. You know without naming any Branson and you can always. Look at look to California in you know there's there's just great to one's immune often. Unity go through local oysters and here in New York. They have cases -- point out front that are on sale. That there are held for the black -- you know look for a -- that is. Has you know -- it is from -- up California that's a bridal that you like if you're familiar with it I go to Bordeaux a lot -- go to we're. That they make a lot of third -- fourth groups that are. From very well known. States but aren't there at third with gross was delicious want very drinkable have great -- Really fruity and delicious. As well as you know I looked to so -- -- to South America which -- brings in. Very delicious wines -- -- very affordable prices. Todd English we love that you're here with us that -- you for the food -- in the wind I guarantee you will be enjoyed I did not quite excited -- never going you -- river that cut its dividend but. Think tanks through -- and ninety.

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{"id":21527896,"title":"Top Food and Wine Tips from Celebrity Chef Todd English","duration":"3:00","description":"Todd English corks the secrets on paring food with his favorite wine.","url":"/Business/video/top-food-wine-tips-celebrity-chef-todd-english-21527896","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}