Toy Fair Preview

The "Toy Insider Mom" shares her favorite new toys.
7:31 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Toy Fair Preview
Your latest in business and finance from ABC news now. The American international toy -- takes place next -- -- if you got connections like we do you don't have to wait for the big event to see tomorrow's toys today -- Laurie shocks that toy insider -- one of our favorite -- -- terrorism for new favorite and they're all. Under thirty dollars does bring is affordable fun toys he got a lot here I have. -- -- and I have to tell you this is my favorite -- no. On the there's just so many things to see hundreds of thousands of toys we have -- small sampling. These -- toys and you'll see that in the spring and summer -- -- holiday and -- just hitting shelves right now and I know you'll come back after I -- -- well. That's what would you ride today this Fella you know parents are asking about educational Toys 'R' Us what are my favorites the Ted junior really gets kids started reading. With sounds with letters so did this year's -- -- the actual tension here. What they used in -- Scott and by scout and violent. Okay this just out when you turn money can customize -- now sell. -- Sell it no his might say I'm so proud I -- it program -- to integrate things. Now we talk to -- -- really really have my own reading -- That is so sell its he comes with a but I don't think separate out about a separate LK says -- pocket racers v.s like really and how -- continue to be I believe right popular -- -- -- -- pocket racers and about forty pieces that you belts. On and when you can't give an activity construction sent you but just keep on cheering and I will ask you to push this button -- I always love watching this yeah. -- -- -- And it gets me is that this is the -- this super -- you're gonna see tons of our friends and my -- and and a loving -- okay. Flopping its letter flopping I start with the hold collectible -- gone -- great because kids love to have things to collect. Share slot and you usually really affordable so kids can use their allowance. So these are little flapping and there are many out in the spring just time to customize things like -- Plus -- -- Internet -- just accessory pricing being accessories anything you submit just really mean and where does a little low to me bring you here neck and the great -- anything he wants to -- -- -- -- -- all kinds of it okay the next thing as a way out we -- -- -- forest lit fourth that it plans right. And chatted over yeah -- of this whole it's called to -- its. Newer heights so have former kinda we have apologized but also little kinds of -- that this is one of the launchers so I have one on one side OK and when I -- -- -- -- -- And then I couldn't see it. I don't -- immediately. That -- a lot of fun for the -- okay the next a classic and GI Jack I mean I was in the GI -- haven't sent to Tom you're gonna lives -- -- one -- it's a huge movie hearing kids love to get toys from the moving right step JJ will be out this summer. We have snake -- we have road block watch this action. And yeah. Click my name did flag and that they aren't hanging and says Salinas content engine ai -- commanded as front and her eight. And a -- and movie product men and when Avery lack the race has -- I don't know Kessel also be this summer sale we have our agents can be up to collect all of a favorite agents and Ellington each one comes at an accessory. To this -- turns into that -- cramped. And then you can close this whole thing up. And damaged. They got one -- -- really key -- -- certain train rumbled to really down and edited yet every single parent to com with an accessory that will transform. Okay. Now the next one is hard to pronounce -- -- -- back pain goes and that planning these little -- things like when I don't tell us know what hey art is you get -- ink. And you're gonna. -- -- -- I have them into bed dazzle yes so it comes special mark Herndon and then after you're done you know marking it -- making it beautiful. You get to be -- with Chimerine gloom with jams and when -- done -- there would in the washing machine. This comes out clean -- -- -- and you start -- -- Regan did see you did. Really impressive -- it. -- -- -- Now I'm on you know do you take the -- off before it could in the Washington you reuse them elaborate and -- so really -- now the next thing is I pieces which is sort of a hockey one can explain everything that's going on. Where we go we know that everyone has on you know tablets. I found all kinds of device and of course across the board in you know in toys you can see all kinds of -- toys but now work with all of these pack tonight cents a pack of this particular one is called I pieces. So what you do -- you -- the pieces when you download the -- -- Right now this just turned into -- blueboard for -- this past eleven games is hockey. This week and we're actually playing. Happy -- and eight so really. This morning he would pick. You know you can travel -- has everyone's got their own I'm -- Saturday. We can just -- to examine them. Just buy these little guys -- out lightly at all kinds of games you download the free -- and -- -- -- much -- kids are gonna love this you can see this all -- okay the next thing is. The OK OK what is -- -- -- -- -- -- kids -- that exploit nature so this is one way to help them explore and learn this is from the national drink your geographic lines I -- gonna ask you -- hold a couple of our. Fake fake funny -- every -- -- pants little mini and is a tank. Not that that well. And Carolyn and I am here and we'll be able to release didn't seem easily. And we don't have current amount that can we use for real but -- If that's really. Imaginative. OK that last line is or what a second. Yeah and it's just -- it -- -- these are taxes. For the time. Ironic isn't great ones that you can get you can get you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that I had. Not. Have happened. -- That aftermath. I think that dizziness -- supposed to say hots but it doesn't -- doesn't listen let me see yours LL and oh yeah. Safety in I -- -- ended -- a little Sonata by selling a lot of so I knew I -- -- the best time and you Tug toy insider Bob have a great time at the convention this weekend very thank you.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"The \"Toy Insider Mom\" shares her favorite new toys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15557610","title":"Toy Fair Preview","url":"/Business/video/toy-fair-preview-15557610"}