Toys Under $20

Great Gift Ideas From "The Toy Insider Mom"
4:43 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Toys Under $20
Still looking for holiday -- even worried about spending a small fortune on the little -- Well don't sweat it learn -- the toy insider mom is back and you've got great -- all for less than two when he dollars Laurie -- Think. -- and we're gonna start -- and when he got it OK yes and you start with a little the only time all season the world there's just sweep aimed at there's not easy for an -- -- and adjustable -- machine watchable. Which is important if you're putting this in the crib at all for little luck -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Need to you know an -- -- picking it. I've seen. -- Parents instant -- -- -- and I -- out would be happy at the teen characters and how a letter on opera. -- so they can learn now and -- -- Yet. Not every day and it is unthinkable not to collect there in that neither for the younger kids and sort of older can at least on Easter eggs so he -- -- get directions for eight different six different robots but. We have these light -- they can eat and so are these things you can bill. To take this whole thing. User snakes as long as it's connected. Fans -- originally I like it -- and it there are a lot went out these. Says the note goes and you start -- It's it's nanny accessories this is -- OK yeah that's -- -- as I am appalled and is not a good idea you can use race you can. Have these beautiful charms the times and had it right on here. You can and injects you can find different -- -- that you like she meeting -- like animals -- that your grilled me girl you're gonna find -- and I even like some of that. Bob. He's not it is so much on and get started the this -- Listening and acting are not pulling you're twisting. Today. Not have to get export. Act act you can play this week that party. I don't act. My diet isn't a lot of as the next big cats -- dammit now aren't going to ten hours and -- and our right to cats pajamas it's a great game. -- -- -- -- And at shapes colors this in memory game and -- sent him packing step agreed to travel to take on the rather that Clinton had not another card game -- innocent this smells like it's good to travel with. Runs as saying this is on the Greek arts -- -- seems most she monsters aren't ours Harry Potter did even the royal family. And basically it's -- modern version of the game more. Interesting acts. On and then it's just it's a great game they leaking -- OK now -- next thing are these lights Hawkins. Well -- guys -- adult so it's a puzzle that you put out there. On the artistic kids we have every race I'm happy from a -- and game and we have mark and Lara. You know it's great and puzzles are always fun and everyone can get in -- that action is out. And the next thing -- these Ottawa pat since these are we here. You know they're inexpensive steps behind these experts -- the chance of seeing it. Interact with each other and recognize their owners voices and those -- for six -- out there about eight dollars he had 99 hasn't really cute. And next as we need experts need you on either this town and -- -- -- -- you lie in yes and Hank. What you -- you and your cars. You have to deal Clark. And we appealed this. Time we let you answer which -- just act and now people on the tip -- produced the York politics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Glorious not a good inside her mommy doesn't mind having yeah integrates net thanks --

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{"id":15208436,"title":"Toys Under $20","duration":"4:43","description":"Great Gift Ideas From \"The Toy Insider Mom\"","url":"/Business/video/toys-20-15208436","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}