Spring Training Travel Deals

How to see your team play before the regular season.
4:24 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Spring Training Travel Deals
And watching all the news out of spring training which you could be in the bleachers instead of your family wrote. Well it's not too late to book a trip and -- get -- deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good places to stay in Orlando. All the great -- just in general about Orlando is that there are a bevy. Options for family -- fourth singles. You have hotel rooms family suites condominiums -- there are a lot of different options at different price point average hotel rates. During the month of march in Orlando largest 114 dollars -- night. So you're going to find deals when you wanna stay on property at Disney and universal or out a little bit further in places like this any close to some of these -- And of course -- those places where there's plenty of other stuff to do as well what -- -- your suggestions. Well you obviously have all of this being -- you have Disney and universal in fact to be. Atlanta Braves. Training facility is part of Disney World the ESP -- world of sports as part of didn't say you're right there in the hearts if you stay near that ballpark. So there's a lot you you have shopping have restaurants and nightlife in Orlando as well so whether you're going to the feeling here -- a group of friends. There is much more to do outside to see gains in Orlando can't act -- far from Arab land -- let's -- on a Tampa Bay where the Yankees at Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays play. Where people stay in that area. Well you've got downtown Tampa -- the likes of the Intercontinental which often offers really great rates as part packages. -- Saint Petersburg. Clearwater Beach. All of these had a lot of -- options as well. And one of the great things about going to Florida to see the grapefruit league is that especially -- the -- parks along the West Coast of Florida from candidates campaign area all the way to out of Fort Myers. -- planned multi day multi part -- really easily. -- -- a lot of different different ballparks and stands in different hotel and is actually my favorite part of Florida there's a lot of other activities BC in case you get sick of the baseball right. Absolutely -- have the beautiful award winning winning beaches -- in Clearwater and Saint Petersburg you have the new Dali museum celebrating -- year anniversary this year. -- you -- Where you can see all of the great glass -- work. There's a host of things to do in this area and then just on the coast you have Sarasota. Which is again -- host of some some more baseball. And let's talk about -- senate and that's where Baltimore and Pittsburgh play any specific suggestions on where fans can stay there. Well there out some great hotels a lot of great three star hotels in this area -- heat and averaging around -- 125 dollars tonight you're gonna find great hotels around this area reinforce our hotels 30050. Dollars a night in March at the very popular area marks yet siesta key. Which has it. Award winning beautiful beaches just down the road you also have their ringling Brothers museum that. And the botanical garden so there's a lot to do in this is a very popular time for people to come to the Sarasota area. I -- not just Florida that gets better spring training we got Arizona as well the other hot spot. Tell us where fans of the Diamondbacks in the giants Wednesday. Well the great thing again about this is that you have these fifteen teams that are spread around the Phoenix area he got Phoenix. Scottsdale. -- sunshine. All of these aren't your -- probably want to rent a car you're planning on visiting some of these ballparks but it's very easy to hop around to -- different stadiums. You're gonna find great hotels in downtown all accounts -- -- And here you'll find the nightlife and restaurants. You're also -- find great deals out where the Diamondbacks trade. There is a great property there. The talking six resort and casino averaging 150. Dollars a night here with 25% off their packages. -- kinda host of properties around this area and the great thing about the Phoenix area as well is that there are a different levels -- have the luxury resorts with the in the golf -- -- The spot he also had very budget seemly friendly properties as well sounds like a great affordable time to -- -- and -- our. -- senior travel editor at thanks so questioning great to see -- great thank you.

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{"id":15803927,"title":"Spring Training Travel Deals","duration":"4:24","description":"How to see your team play before the regular season.","url":"/Business/video/travel-spring-money-deals-save-business-15803927","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}