Turning a Small Business Into a Big Success

The path to getting a company off the ground.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Turning a Small Business Into a Big Success
We're constantly hearing about the role of small business and moving our economy forward to getting -- business up and running especially in these tough times can be overwhelming. Joining me now is that -- -- who helps people launch their own technology companies through something called the founder institute. And Adriana -- -- -- someone he helped through fellowship just for women and thank you both for being here. Thank you really appreciated first college start with you -- -- tell me what the founder institute is little bit about this fellowship just for women shares sue. The founder institute is -- -- -- program. Where we help people who may have a day job. And a dream. Launch their dream company by coaching. And working with them and and really shaping the vision for the future that they have. We noticed that. And and we intend to work with technology business and we -- that only about one -- twenty technology businesses were founded -- by women. So we wanted to fix that. And we launched a fellowship program to try and attract female founders into the program. The most recent classes which graduated. We operate in about eleven cities in the United States in Chicago and Silicon Valley. Over half of the graduate companies are led by one. So impressive work and are -- let's talk about it it -- he's -- started a company called fashioning change he had a dream he went to the fellowship and how to help yeah. I'm. The instance and means -- take a huge they -- Our vision is to -- shoppers make other purchases let it legally average purchases of at night it can support positive things well -- not some positive things. And that's a really day -- really they concept in south. At dale has this thing saying Danny thinking that by -- thousands of mentions that you need to focus and take your AT action to make -- from one -- from point a to point B. And so that -- and six hits four months. You go through it and it's very intensely connected and plays and they really help you take this big -- and make acts beautiful and some now. We're growing -- month over month and amazing shoppers and help shoppers make other purchases of the things that I have yet to -- -- with the Phillips. I'm it would have been very difficult -- over 90% of startups -- And there's -- is not where it's at every day and -- -- -- -- -- that the concept Art -- back at where experience and talent. McCain is not -- -- and mentors around or I'm they help us ms. Ford went -- -- -- -- -- -- It's an address some of the challenges that are facing. Most of the -- out -- who wanna start this company is what's the biggest one. Probably the biggest one is actually getting the idea right because if you don't start from a strong place it's hard for you -- wind up it with a great business so. A lot of times people have. That the beginning of a good idea. But it really needs and to -- -- font. Two and refinement before it's it's -- grades cornerstone for a great business you think this is a good time to start technology company lives that I would say it's the best time in human history really now. Oh absolutely I mean if you look around the world today. There's so many connected devices the Internet is prevalent everywhere you can launch -- business from your home and -- Tens of millions of people using it within a few -- -- I mean look at Mark Zuckerberg he -- -- business from his dorm room that today has. You know 16 that the planet using say. And you are doing really well your business what is your next challenge that you're looking ahead well -- -- really getting ready for the holiday shopping season and we want as many online shoppers as possible. T take advantage the better alternatives of what we have online -- shoppers can tell us -- name brands like. And we get them the alternative that same style same price point aren't lasts but -- are recommending as Alison good for their health and accurate -- -- -- -- we want people to basically. -- our holiday shopping and be able to you. Use their purchases -- things are out now hot slowly starting to change the world make him a better place and there business actual change. Adriana and -- -- and thank you so much for being here appreciate it and key thing here.

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{"id":17290686,"title":"Turning a Small Business Into a Big Success","duration":"3:00","description":"The path to getting a company off the ground.","url":"/Business/video/turning-small-business-big-success-17290686","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}