Twitter Debuts at NYSE With $14B Value

The company's stock is priced at $26 per share.
3:18 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Twitter Debuts at NYSE With $14B Value
You're watching live coverage of the opening bell on -- He -- navigating the bell this morning -- very small -- but they are representing. -- Celebrating the birthday that -- After -- after the NASDAQ. That -- before -- don't want. They -- for Twitter most faster usually. Trade on the NASDAQ -- -- tech stocks but after Facebook's big blunder last year -- trying to avoid. -- They had at the opening bell for this Thursday November 7 hello everyone I'm -- Hernandez in New York. Stocks are pulling back slightly this morning after the Dow closed at new record high up 128 points anticipation about twitters IPO fueled the rally on Wall Street today. IPO is the biggest. Stock offering of the year Twitter said its final price of 26 dollars a share -- its value was now at fourteen billion. Trading symbol TW. TR so what about -- -- Marino a senior editor of the deal for Jonathan. What -- -- its price 26 dollars a share for some analysts predict the company to -- is worth as much as 42 dollars a share. Is this undervalued. I think it's -- the price for the IPO right now obviously FaceBook was. Price -- the peak of its range and just slid down almost from day one I feel like there's a lot of room for Twitter to move to the upside here. In house were getting some projections you know -- just from the reporters world kind of putting our little closing day bets. On -- -- quarter stock will -- -- I haven't heard anybody who's even put it below where the -- will be I personally predicted it's going to be way way up today. -- -- what what kind of potential. Does Twitter happen in the long term. In the long term they have a lot of advertising potential that's 65% of their revenues currently derive from ads. And that may actually go up in the future because they're going to be building more and more advertising -- the platform unlike FaceBook they've done a lot of emanate before the IPO the focused on advertising technology. FaceBook was really is more about building its momentum building up its user network. Boosting their experience -- -- is going to be focused really really tightly on monetizing all of their users they've got 200 million monthly users a hundred million daily users I feel -- also that they've got some opportunities to expand to other -- for example an App Store or they can also do live events retailing. -- you perfectly example when Pearl Jam announced that they were gonna go back on tour they did it on Twitter. But Twitter actually didn't make any money on this. Turning to monetize it for example should they just got the announcement -- in the future I think these can be events that could just be watershed events for Twitter in terms of revenue. What advice you have for retail investors out there people on E*Trade for example they -- about getting in on this. Should they invested the IPO or not which are near average investor whose DIY at home. Well -- why folks really -- one of paying a lot higher than just 26 dollars a share things going to be opening whenever it does open today. Above the 26 dollars a share mark some of them might be a little bit -- maybe investors want to wait for things to scale back down a little bit in terms of -- -- PE multiple by the end of the day should be through the -- All right Jonathan -- senior editor of picking -- thank you so much for joining us. Thank you.

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{"id":20815537,"title":"Twitter Debuts at NYSE With $14B Value","duration":"3:18","description":"The company's stock is priced at $26 per share.","url":"/Business/video/twitter-debuts-nyse-14b-20815537","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}