Vacation Savings: More Than 50 Percent Off on Fall Getaways

Genevieve Shaw Brown shares some vacation deals.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Vacation Savings: More Than 50 Percent Off on Fall Getaways
All is known in the travel industry -- shoulder season at the time when prices are low crowd of you know and the weather is -- -- news. Editor and in need brown. And submit them. -- Plus an -- -- you. Market decline. But I did. On the industry -- That lesson he's got to give us some great -- -- given to. Be absent employee. With the new. England's -- keeping my favorite -- this is a great time here including new England and -- peak season which means that the foliage. It's really coming alive -- apple picking pumpkin picking maple syrup maple -- maple -- I think that you could possibly imagine so this feels at the omni Mount Washington that's in New Hampshire. May have given us to deal at 70%. Off room rates. On their tower suite package this is lecturing all the way mr. normally goes for almost 700. Dollars an -- you're gonna get -- 170. I can't my trailer that where we go for all of a all the details all the -- he tells slash travel to links the phone numbers promo codes are fantastic at that -- -- the real luxury upscale -- -- getting -- -- -- -- And what about sunny San Diego outlook kept out like absolutely and -- has like a million views on China and Saudi and it always -- Kelly's beautiful. This is a great idea Sharon -- scenes eke out hotel in marina. And they are doing a deal for I 60% now room rates come back to back 120 -- last. Two -- -- grant to our bike rental for two complimentary in room the and it's right -- -- day. Near old town Balboa park. So a great destination a great place to explore this -- might not want people -- and hasn't great history. Is beautiful. And the he brought up. And this is obviously right on the water he admitted that marina how lovely it's just loudly and and beautiful rooms with them went oh -- -- -- -- you know really fantastic now what about. A little -- apparent ask -- that the current name on media and now and everybody as a great destination -- -- -- is great for families -- our honeymoon it's really kind of what those all encompassing -- and and this is. The west and a group -- so they're offering 52%. Off -- room rates and -- I think. You get an extra hundred dollars and at. Q&A cop killer tune by the creepy comes in -- -- Ocean view room and -- -- so. And it comes out to matters. Not that Akron of course you don't even need to do anything -- just -- beat them bad fat can end up slightly in now. You being as phenomenal as you are even cannot come up with a little bonus -- this is a bonus action -- any. Travelocity. Hotel gift card it's -- hundred dollar gift card -- fifty dollars -- yes it's good at 70000. Hotels around the world. So quiet I for the holidays give -- here parents when your kids it was whoever integrate get -- -- yourself and use to get away. Should mentioned all of these technically December 20 it. So no need speeding -- -- think -- should get together with me now works for everyone. The deals are going to be can you even do it over the Thanksgiving over the Thanksgiving weekend yeah absolutely you can skip dinner Graham house right -- teller or today and tell the family -- -- -- Turkey group I think that got a break if around thinking so much -- great idea.

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{"id":17329499,"title":"Vacation Savings: More Than 50 Percent Off on Fall Getaways","duration":"3:00","description":"Genevieve Shaw Brown shares some vacation deals.","url":"/Business/video/vacation-savings-50-percent-off-fall-getaways-17329499","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}