Valentine's Day Gifts: Techie Gift Guide

Andrea Smith shares high tech gadgets for her.
4:13 | 02/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Valentine's Day Gifts: Techie Gift Guide
-- flowers -- chocolate makes you fat Victoria's Secret makes you a little uncomfortable to go into so why take a different route when buying your Valentine's Day. Get this year ABC's high tech contributor -- Smith is here with some hot Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to please your sweetheart and respect for being with us today. OK so we've gone through the litany of things that we don't wanna give our sweethearts what do you know my chocolate you know academy functions exactly. We -- our whole day Karen her life around Rattay and now not -- are -- -- our wallets are -- -- -- -- -- water but we've -- Tablets laptops. So we've got this great bag here -- and it's a backpack is called the -- tablet backpack. What I love about it if puppet opened here is inside you can carry if you've got out a laptop with you yell -- tablet with you it's got sick how -- sections in yours you can put. All your high tech -- You can also carrier works staff didn't carry your kids' stuff it's -- that women love pop and that little has style to -- not just those playing both Baltic. Stumbles are padded shoulder straps -- -- and tell yourself that's what we went out -- -- have -- us OK so the thing we've got is you know music you can never go wrong with music. And the iPod nano this great -- because women love to take this to the gym -- it's got the built in fitness but once we. Fun about this is it is clock faces. And you can change the clock faces honest and actually turned into a wise you can turn this into watch and so people have made these walks banned the death tax red -- watch and -- for Valentine's Day. And caught this'll probably go -- be just slip on right here OK you get your clock back an independent autopsy registered and many here depending on -- -- -- -- just let the sign and whenever I watch you wanna have that day that's what it. Very cool that's our thoughts -- jewelry and also something that's going to be functional. -- later on Langley air intake into the gym and -- -- this make a mix tape for your sweetheart and put it on there. That isn't -- now I can Andrea great idea but -- have. Now they -- need to listen to this right so. House of -- these are so -- these are packed in here headphone -- -- all kinds over the air whatever your style yeah. Love is becoming -- collars but they also make all their products at a sustainable material -- there's -- there's a purpose behind Franken. Friendlies that's a nice stereo recycle they're also coming out of this really -- Braided rope so they don't get tangled in your purse really really important. Also if you're using them with an iPhone they've got -- might hear you've got the tools you can talk on the phone. Stills and Sosa still some functionality to balance -- special incensed not included on the -- -- right. That -- -- -- -- -- nice not art and the front here that's very cold you know accessories -- never go wrong with accessories. A case for your iPad two this is the don't know love bound vintage -- -- it's just like just -- case -- it's. It's a case that you -- your iPad two and it's great for people especially -- there's as books right. But it actually -- Smart -- -- you can see it turns it off when it closes and it turns it back on when it opens but it really gives it a little more style on Larry and you know just. Than your average. Lacquer base case and you can put the mayor's proposal on the iPad in their hand that over right I mean really Andrea working on that matchmaking here in this. -- read a little of note and sorry things aren't working out like that in the I don't do not survive -- And -- It's also an iPhone case if you don't have a big budget. Again these are raped you can never go wrong this is just screaming Valentine's Day here that's fun that's -- these are from solaris they're not very expensive. You know ready to the -- you always have your own -- you -- your device. This is from -- you put your money your keys your wallet. A little -- everything right there's enough to bring a whole kitchen sink -- just a lot of money on Wednesday by you know all this tech fits into our life so. You can say. You're saving relationships with these suggestions Andrea Smith high tech concerto with ABC thank -- support for stopping by happy Valentine's Day Tuesday.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Andrea Smith shares high tech gadgets for her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15523618","title":"Valentine's Day Gifts: Techie Gift Guide","url":"/Business/video/valentines-day-gifts-techie-gift-guide-15523618"}