Victorian Homes Sell for $1 With a Catch

The Riverside, Calif., homes also come with a $1.5 million renovation cost.
1:41 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Victorian Homes Sell for $1 With a Catch
These two Victorian homes near downtown Riverside are among the oldest homes in the city. Built back in the 1890s. Resident Donald Tate who lives across the street since -- both community treasures. What when you first moved in here and you looked across the street what you think. Of course at that house that there have thirteen children that was said -- al-Qaeda -- -- -- Well he now has his chance because both homes are on sale. For just one dollar apiece. There are for sale if you have a dollar -- you can commit to moving at rehabbing it may have a and that's the catch ideally the city would like the buyer to move them. But at the very least they'll have to pay close to one and a half million dollars to refurbish both homes and to maintain her site's history. If it's at all possible to retain these houses that would be the right thing to do. The original plan was to actually move these two homes to a different location and pay one and a half million dollars to restore them. But that was supposed to be done with state redevelopment money. Problem is the state has now ended that program we don't know the fate of these two houses now. Because the state is also ordered the city to sell these assets as soon as possible. And at the city can't find a buyer who wants to refurbish them they may well have to end up selling them just someone who wants to get rid of them entirely. That's something Donald Tate doesn't want to see. Don't hone your game because there particular ways you know the part of Riverside -- -- But unless a buyer steps forward quickly the -- could set on these two pieces of history for good. This is rob MacMillan for ABC news.

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{"id":15479492,"title":"Victorian Homes Sell for $1 With a Catch","duration":"1:41","description":"The Riverside, Calif., homes also come with a $1.5 million renovation cost.","url":"/Business/video/victorian-homes-sell-for-1-dollar-with-a-catch-15479492","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}