Wall Street CEO Takes on Occupy Protestors

Peter Schiff took to the streets to talk to protestors in YouTube video.
3:18 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wall Street CEO Takes on Occupy Protestors
-- individual. We're not regarded the the word black comedy that night -- -- government. The fact unfortunately human rights activists -- Oh yeah. Auburn but. I think they Einstein I don't know that I got. Yeah. On Wednesday -- and -- one. Are you a lot more money legally -- -- them -- equivalent that. Parent -- -- looked at us and let -- It just brought up that -- what I like this it. And quite -- and well I think Paula how -- car what do you think might buried here what was that -- them. And but has been at present. What road and probably -- you know that you and all done -- yeah they let him they would fit that apparently there. -- I can't build -- public I think I didn't name we'll be there for me. -- I've written about his name is an equity you know I think OK we'll get back -- agree. -- -- tax cut me I mean it's more than 35% like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Bob it is -- -- -- because Warren Buffett. Is the biggest shareholder virtually happily please -- that 35% tax on it I expect him -- -- Baghdad yet -- the ruling today indicating that. -- the government apple hire you think -- -- make more. But that that would -- -- more than half. And he -- that you may have. It didn't decide this -- I did it fire 150 -- that you might work or play. -- -- -- I think they -- very -- do you think guys who work for you for myself. There are right there I've got like you started out. Went out there. How the next -- I have. And -- the next at Carolina and helping them -- -- on helping my clients like getting the services that they want. On the 150 people how many people knew -- -- Mark as a -- handling them. Motorola mobility. Dot net and -- he didn't hurt. An unregulated. Okay. -- that -- is that everybody around him behind. Made more than my fair share right now I don't think they lack -- --

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{"id":14839315,"title":"Wall Street CEO Takes on Occupy Protestors","duration":"3:18","description":"Peter Schiff took to the streets to talk to protestors in YouTube video. ","url":"/Business/video/wall-street-ceo-takes-occupy-protestors-14839315","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}