Warren Buffett and His Secretary Talk Taxes

Debbie Bosanek represents "average" income taxes paid in Buffett's office.
1:17 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Warren Buffett and His Secretary Talk Taxes
Had you known -- mean -- you've noticed how vocal warned had been about the issue and what he believes it's an unfair tax policy in this country did you ever think about your. Issue that your your own personal not at all I had no idea that it's going. Everybody in our office is paying -- higher tax rate more so it it just at dawn on me that I would singled out to end. And I didn't realize they it would warrant writes things in and -- -- craftsmen and their interest but I I didn't know that anything would. -- be reflected in in my direction and. -- is typical she's she's right in the middle and and that actually done -- survey. Two times earlier back in 2000 section five and there -- And similar results but. -- she's represented but. Though the entire office this time was between 33 and 41% in payroll and income taxes paid to the federal government. Endemic -- somewhere in the middle there average he's average totally aftertaste that's the only thing -- average of analyses if any. If you were warned -- years that he paid the story intact now and -- -- Did it probably after. Yes I think it was -- and there.

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{"id":15442489,"title":"Warren Buffett and His Secretary Talk Taxes","duration":"1:17","description":"Debbie Bosanek represents \"average\" income taxes paid in Buffett's office.","url":"/Business/video/warren-buffett-secretary-talk-taxes-15442489","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}