Ways You Can Trim Your Travel Expenses

Six ways to get where you're going for less money.
4:15 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Ways You Can Trim Your Travel Expenses
-- is not only the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most expensive but there isn't always to -- on holiday travel and -- travel expert -- and growing Kelleher is here to share six of them with us hi Suzanne great to see my -- city so just one of the biggest expenses air -- how we find it lower fares. Well. At the holiday season is going to be difficult because I'm not expecting many sales around but the best thing to do is to really just be flexible with your dates. I was checking out some dates around Christmas time. And it looks like Friday and Saturday -- they are sorry Thursday -- Fred Everett before Christmas are going to be that were -- -- It's all based on supply demand -- the most popular -- the fire also can be the most expensive. So flying out like Christmas Eve if you can New -- and actually that's -- the very best that the very best thing to do is -- here is taking a week off try to plan Tuesday and Wednesday -- that parents. You know of the weekends Friday to Friday OK -- second -- suggestion is avoiding fees for checking batsman of course we don't like to do asked to do especially when you're packing all those grants. Right well and you know -- air -- and baggage fees are here just today. Most major airlines now charge between fifteen and 35 dollars when you check -- -- But you know the easiest -- around that these days is really all about loyalty. If he used the right credit card you can sometimes waive those fees for example if you're flying on delta and used the American Express delta from sky miles card. You can waive the 25 dollar fee and for a family of four traveling round trip that can be a savings of 200. It's just -- flying that's become expensive -- as you know it's also parking at the airport in any way to save on -- sure well. If you park in the long term parking garage at any major airport these things -- going to be hit with thirty to fifty dollars today. For parking face so what I like to do is used an online airport parking discount broker. And what you it's -- online like cheap airport parking dot com. Is one of them and -- they find you -- -- local parking lot within a mile or two of the airport. You and I take a shuttle bus to the airport and you say fifty to 60%. Wow that's pretty big -- shocked if worry apart -- currently renting a car at your destination another big expense -- -- -- he can't savings and -- -- yet. There's a -- -- site that I just love it's called auto Slashdot com. And a lot of people don't realize that air -- sorry car rental prices go up and down just like airfares. And so what you want to do is lock in the Bass Strait. That's exactly what -- -- -- does you but it tracks your booking and if the price boss it read books for you at no extra charge so. Most of their customers seat to price straps and a 30% discount I am writing that went down -- -- -- cut come okay. Tip number five eat out for less on your make patient strategy there and K it's another great web site resource. There's a site called -- front dot com. And it -- -- -- discounted dining certificates so. You go on their site you find your destination you pick at a restaurant you like there's 181000 and the database. And you buy a certificate for forty dollars -- it's worth a hundred dollars at that restaurant. So it's just a no brainer way to save up to 30% off your -- -- Okay what. If you are planning a ski trip -- -- passes are always so expensive is there might angry that you can hit the slopes for less. Yes and I have yet another SARS. There's a site called lift -- BN dot com. And it sells discounted -- lift tickets so. We priced out a five day pass for a family of four. At Park City mountain resort and you talk and the savings was 400 dollars wow so it's it can be massive your -- skiing hasn't she. List -- adapt consonant really great website advice -- family travel experts Suzanne growing -- thanks a lot -- Thank him.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Six ways to get where you're going for less money.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15124290","title":"Ways You Can Trim Your Travel Expenses","url":"/Business/video/ways-trim-travel-expenses-six-less-money-save-cash-holiday-airport-business-15124290"}