Weekend Warrior Workforce

Susan Solovic discusses how to start a side job in your spare time.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Weekend Warrior Workforce
Wish you could start your own business -- worry about leading a good job behind why not try becoming. A weekend. Working -- somebody who. Gets his or her feet wet with a side business while holding -- that regular job. Here with ways to make it happen -- ABC news small business contributors seasons all of it. Susan is also co-founder of Spitzer is dot com hi Susan great to see you -- -- nice to be here at bank. So his idea of the working weekend warrior a trend that you're seeing. It absolutely is as we've seen that economy continue to struggle more and more people are either struggling to stay in their job they're worried about their pink slips. Or they're dreaming about just taking control their own destiny but as you said -- they're worried about leaving that comfortable nine to five job particularly if they're getting good benefits packages. Targets so many people come -- thanks -- I at this -- business idea I really wanna get started but I'm not quite ready to jump ship yet. So doing something on the side used to be called moonlighting is a great way just to get started and also tester business -- and see if it really makes sense. Should you experience what are some of the big things that people need to consider before starting -- side business. Well -- few things first of all you need to look at your skills your personal skills and think what can I do. That somebody be willing to pay me for what product or service can I deliver that they would actually buy from me and then is there -- market out there for it and most importantly Tonya. Can I make your money viewing this going to be working those extra hours you want to make sure that you are making money. The second thing is trying that extra hours is the time constraint is this the sort of business that you can do on notes off hours so let's say for example you're great at designing web sites -- young cousin is a matter fact. Does this on the side. But that's a sort of thing with her clients she can do that in the middle of the night they don't care they just -- make -- That they've got their website done and then finally that you're setting up your business in a professional manner so from the get go -- making sure that you have professional bookkeeping that you look professional and that you're providing professional results. You may be a part time business for -- but your customers are gonna want full time results so what types of jobs only need a hard time commitment when you're starting because that's tricky. -- it says your ride and for you look at -- most importantly a lot of people going to direct sales and -- that is anything that you sell one on one so you think. Mary K am way some of those things in fact there's an interesting correlation any time. The economy -- actually the number of independent -- for direct sales companies goes up because that is the sort of thing that you can manage and you on the side. The second thing is -- its services in these sort of service assignments and web site design that may be tutoring. Personal -- -- things like that that you can manage in juggle with Europe are ready existing work schedule. And then a hobby businesses are popular south. If you've got a great hobby in the arts and craft senior maybe you start going to flea markets -- communion events and setting up routes and selling your products there just to get that income going and seeing if there's a business opportunity. Right now what -- your current employer I would think that they would be concerned does your current employer need to know about your side business. What if they don't like it. It depends on your employer so a couple of things you wanna check -- you have an employee handbook need to go to that and -- and see what it says about doing outside work some companies absolutely prohibit it. Also can have an employment contract he should go back and re read that contract because there may. -- some of the language that prohibits you from earning income outside of your current job so you wanna check that. The second thing is -- you want to make sure you're not in conflict are competing. With your current employer. I'm sure that most people have encountered a situation where maybe you asked for someone to come in like a plumber are repairman. And they say look I could do this extra work for you wanna side -- -- little bit money. That kind of thing in conflict that would take. Business away from your employer is absolutely grounds for termination. Of those are things and if if the employer has a policy doesn't mean you can't do it but you definitely need to disclose what you're doing. And then also Tonya you know make sure you're not bringing your outside business. Inside your regular work you're not taking calls you're not doing emails you're not borrowings supplies. Can run your business. I think that is effectively stealing. Right gotta keep those two worlds separate -- and I -- and -- ABC news small business -- thank you for joining us. My pleasure.

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{"id":16969514,"title":"Weekend Warrior Workforce","duration":"3:00","description":"Susan Solovic discusses how to start a side job in your spare time.","url":"/Business/video/weekend-warrior-workforce-16969514","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}