Say "I Do" to White After Labor Day to Luxury Looks For Less

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what's in style this fall on Real Biz 9.2.2014
15:49 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Say "I Do" to White After Labor Day to Luxury Looks For Less
Hello welcome to real as I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar luxurious floats for last and on the number one that must have for the fall we're gonna answer it. That question for you plus. Small companies across the country blaming their business is blooming. Because of bitcoin they're claiming its -- because of -- what's the real deal with bitcoin these days plus first. Fashion Week is kicking off right here in New York City. And thanks to all the latest award shows we've seen stars on parade for what feels like weeks wearing the hottest new looks of the season. And something the keeps popping up on red -- its bridal inspired fashions lot of stars saying I do to white we -- all over the place. At the Emmys last Sunday -- who better to talk to. And have a break it -- down and Terry hall he is the fashion director for client felt the largest luxury bridal retailer. In the world it is so nice to have you with us Terry figure -- excited to be here and it's after Labor Day but. Are people still allowed to Wear white physical you know what I this morning when they just to break the rules and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- anything you want anytime you want is on the -- the right attitude. -- is speaking of the right attitude a lot of these stars they're not on that. They're not about to get married but they are wearing what I'm on the carpet. They certainly are and it's exciting to see and refreshing you know we've seen Hollywood the red carpet kind of influence bridal over the last several years and now in this past -- ceremony we kind of saw where the bridal industry was kind of influencing -- but it was really refreshing to see. I think it all -- started when Jennifer Lawrence of that infamous trip at the Oscars in the beautiful -- down. And we've -- -- kind of increase more and more we're seeing a lot of wired or looks that are very specifically to -- I think we're continue to see more. Funny that her trip saying I'm address may actually be the reason that people are looking into wearing well whether it was planned or not I mean that really get her great favorite in -- interest rate of roughly ten times or that it would have been otherwise that's not true to what happening styles -- bridal fashions. We know I think we're looking at things that are very glamorous but I think the most important emperor and sexy -- right now as the mermaid have been players have been with a drop ways. But it's really all about glamour it's about a sexy back it's about -- It's worth having it's unique it's really kind of Sunday that expresses your personality. We see a lot of -- embellishment it's really glamorous. Having gone through this myself. Is it is one of the more stressful decisions -- in -- bridal gown and what will you wearing who would you be on your wedding day I think that's a big question for a lot of brides. What is your best advice. Well the thing is you have to show up for who you are you have to Wear something that reflects your personality if there's ever de hoop where you have to show up and -- Sunday through your fashion. That says who you market your wedding day I think oftentimes we see brides feeling that they have to -- -- look that's really not them. Maybe it's because they think they have to -- the venue or maybe think it's because their mother wants and there -- some think this is your date where you. Be yourself -- and be happy in what you're wearing I would also say be comfortable in what you're wearing absolutely matters for the series as well you may be standing her dancing all night to you -- feel comfortable on the -- your -- happy comfortable there. You have a first look at some sketches for the October looks for bridal fashion we certain. Only do so we know that bridal fashion experts just after regular Fashion Week which is -- September -- and October we had a chance to be with parks and you know just last week in California to see what we're going to be expecting. They're absolutely fantastic you know I think mark always brings a specific aesthetic that -- one else can really duplicate but his particular let's -- either. Even a bit more youthful this particular collection a little bit softer. Modern still bet that the same time have an element of tradition which I think is really kind of hard to encapsulate both tradition and modern at the same time. He has done it beautifully. We really see artful. This is another beautiful. I -- the -- -- They're so glamorous or beautiful I mean mark really -- a fit unlike anyone else it's really about how the body -- And -- a -- puts on her his -- she takes the -- she says yes. Say yes to this -- have to think the draft. Jerry Hall applying help thank you so much for joining us great stuff and you're back and we will look for you I'm wedding runways everywhere -- -- -- think tonight. We want to stick with fashion if you're looking for a steel instead of a splurge this season you don't have to despair because we have something. For everyone -- real -- is my next guest mission is to make a luxury clothes for -- -- that we can all feel. And look. Like a million bucks that app that Christ and I want to welcome Michael -- -- he is 29 years old. Ditched his job at a private equity firm. To create ever -- -- low cost luxury quality brand and it is so nice to finally speak with you here on real as Michael I've been following your story for a couple years now and it's. Just blowing up you're getting bigger and bigger every day. Yes thank you are naturally and Adobe -- that you'll start this thing just yesterday -- but it's. It's turning to get -- It is starting to get bacon for anyone who reads in style the the magazine is filled with average Wayne mentions -- see it always in the looks when they're going through that different ways -- Put together a look at Bay Area using a lot of -- -- how big of a deal has -- and to get your business in a magazine like that. It's been huge -- -- we did that really didn't need shrewd -- finding that. Great design but also -- slowly been really -- -- a lot of magazines they -- and a you can get back equality but at a much lower. -- whole philosophy is -- going to this sources that many of the top brands in the world are using. Having your items made there but not coming with a label that so many of these brands used to mark up. Their prices how -- you keeping prices so well. Well it turns out that the industry has just been loaded over the past I would say yeah. It eighty years where you've been constantly tell you to them physicals or you are so many different people -- -- And we sort of looked at it and then why don't we go to those same places that where they produce but instead adding all these components -- Rex only online. And we don't have sales we don't have any of that retail physical components and so were able to mark our days. Around -- US instead of the traditional 68 EC retailer. -- so it's two times and extensive if -- customer it's it's two times as much to purchase as it is for you to create it whereas a lot of these brands. It's 810 in some cases it's even twelve times as expensive. When you bite in the store as it is for them to create -- Absolutely and we've seen it always when he -- and what we do now we share every single piece of the -- and the architect with -- because you want them to understand. Here's what a seizure here is what your pain -- and -- you would have a house. And people are just eating -- they love it. They love and they loved transparency -- -- that on your web -- on average -- dot com if people go there. You you can literally see whether you're buying a sweater. You're buying a T shirt you're buying a handbag your buying a briefcase -- you know what factory came from and what it cost to create and what you have to pay ultimately to own it. Absolutely and we -- on the Packers are it's just been huge because a lot of people have no idea where these army and especially when things are trying to -- act. Happening over a year ago. People are looking consumers are looking to -- where he round out army me back. And so we going to every factory and document the whole process -- those photos are. And we have multiple items here on sat and and -- both men and women. What would you say this fall is the must have fashion item. This all -- -- we're you know when we enter a new category we think they're expanding -- online by category. That that's. During that -- found this beautiful back Italy's. And were coming out with a woman she is that everyone just really excited about it sort of -- Loper and it comes in Burgundy. -- When they have also noticed about your website is these these big big top sellers. Are frequently selling out and you're telling the customer -- by the way will be -- stocking more of that very soon so. Clearly it's a strategy that's working and you mentioned those issues are they available right now on the site. We'll be terrible -- one. In my mind on that site will thank you so much we really appreciate it the company is Everly and I sure you're gonna see more evident in style magazine and I'll across the fashion industry -- so nice to speak with you finally Michael -- congratulations. -- What will turn out to the controversial digital currency bitcoin it's exploding in popularity -- companies across America are starting to accept the virtual payment. But lawmakers on Capitol Hill are just scratching their heads having a very hard time coming up with a plan. To regulate and tax the new money. Mainly because while a lot of them let's face -- they don't really understand how it works critics also say that it's used for drug smuggling and money laundering. But it's not all negative reviews out there and I want to bring in. The guy who's helping small businesses bloom. By accepting bitcoin as payment we want to welcome our -- Iraq he is co-founder and CEO loom nation and for -- You brought some flowers along with the -- Explain of flowers fit into this whole -- point in. Laws at opposite of drugs are turning into a beautiful thing -- flowers so -- -- this is an opportunity to tap into home and customer base. Tech savvy young people that wanna send flowers online and one used equipment -- them why would I want to use -- -- -- flowers like this instead of cash. So for one bitcoin is a lot more secure as a lot of people are afraid of it and even donation is when we started evaluating -- we thought that's kind of scary area at a planned. We soon realize it's just more secure than credit cards -- an easy choice. Right and and security clearly right now. Is a big question -- -- massive celebrity -- all of these celebrity photos hacked into questions about how secure the cloud is. How does bitcoin differentiate in terms of its security from something like a PayPal or cash or credit card. So the interesting thing is in terms of an encryption and it's more secure so they use a higher way of verifying all the transactions that are happening on that point. But more importantly it's giving our local business is an opportunity to tap into this tech savvy world. And so they don't have to be afraid of it because we're helping them process these payments. There's also I mean clearly there's there's a handful of people and more than a handful of people who -- -- court right. And they're looking to spend that -- you know and it and they probably are feeling some of them like well I don't know what's gonna happen to -- so why should probably spend it right now. -- and and minority debt declined to be used in the more mainstream requires businesses like in the nation -- -- to -- -- -- -- to support it so. Given that it's kind of -- -- to the whole cash and credit card industry and -- nation as a disrupt there. It was a perfect fit for us to support that currency and allowed to grow what happens to your business if that -- crash -- So the good thing is that we partnered with. Payment while it called -- dates so they process on the big points for us we converted immediately into US currency so even for senator accepting the -- nation. Nasty word about anything and thoughts immediately transferred into US dollars. Going based by the way a friend of real -- as we've had conversations with them right here yeah. For the other businesses like yourself who are the first movers on this who are incorporating bitcoin -- the model. How significant is it your business plan to be some of those first adopters and to potentially grab that market especially if it gets bigger. It's really important for us because again or an innovative company so we want that we want to partner with innovative buyers and so by supporting it early on we're getting a lot of adoption from these tech savvy. Frequent users and ironically -- -- may actually end up spending a lot more than an average credit card user. I'm sport about 50% more fifty person I was -- local yet they think they wanna support they want to support the ecosystem and we're happy to help them supported so. Weary -- seeing the biggest use of bitcoin and and these deliveries going. So it's actually spent all over the country we have over 3000 local florist that are selling on the nation dot com. They're able to and this is a perfect example like this is this these designs are from my -- rag top enforcement here in New York City so. Purchaser can go on search ongoing national conference for unique stuff like this and be able to place order using the corn -- these -- from where. This is from talking horse here in New York City. And it I want it so let's say I walked into Malcolm -- here in New York City and I said I'd like -- -- this in bitcoin. She'll be able to process the transactions and the nation -- so it's a great opportunity for heard out -- ability. To create that kind of customer base that never existed before how do you grow this business. The flower business think we make it as easy as possible to send flowers online visit and realistically it it's not sending flowers online before the nation it was a very. Awkward scenario you order something online -- weren't sure what the picture was in the look lie and you never know when it was going to be delivered with the nation and these floors to listing their own real images is seeing real stuff just like this unique stuff that you can't find anywhere else like they're using and Tim Cahill and and -- virtually -- else. He -- of this -- really unique stuff you don't find this anywhere else and because these artists as well. That's that if many -- -- -- are celebrating caller ID so we're ready for that season but this is just a unique place -- finds -- So the idea that not only disrupt. Multiple industries by enabling -- use but clearly disrupt the floral industry by trying to do things very differently than some of the big players out there. -- ideas innovation it's an old industry it's been around forever people sent flowers -- -- -- that are gonna send it forever so we wanna bring back. You know -- in an excitement and and use technology to get that point so. You're able see real photos you can even take that -- even allowed of course to snap a photo of their -- before goes out the door. So as a florist -- -- able to connect with their consumer and show them your work before even goes out -- -- recipient. It's as a whole new way of thinking about how to do flower delivery. And how well the floors themselves what have they seen happen to their own business since dealing with blue nation huge changes so you know now -- able to connect to their customers are able to show off their creative talents and they couldn't do this before other sites like 100 flowers -- They've stuck with a catalog where -- to fill recipes and they kind of felt like employees of these services. We're letting -- show off their talents which ultimately creates a competitive advantage for them. And florists are thriving through our website are our platforms of limited dot com is a holy night community that's come together almost -- -- at -- for flowers. Almost like -- -- senior hours. With apathy and with some of these other services that enable so many small businesses -- -- consumer. Can be overwhelming and the whole idea of duration it is still going to be a question is that's an area that you plan on moving into. Yet as we're getting one more -- and join -- platform care rationed becomes very critical bribes but -- that said we have some great. Florists and -- floors that are are showing off their talents and we're excited to have an opportunity. Well thank you so much for about -- and it's blue nation yet explanation dot com if if if a florist is out there watching -- -- they get on board. So you just go to blemish on a commas and join button. Crater free profile and you're up and running in -- some of the best schools and industries those -- business well thank you so much great to see -- -- -- thanks for being -- -- best. And -- you so much for watching real as we wanna hear from you what do you think about -- is it good for business -- is that real this with -- Jane until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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