Woman Alleges Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination

Amy Zvovushe records conversation with human resources about resigning.
1:47 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Woman Alleges Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination
And that without -- -- -- The heart that it didn't is. But I could have to resign beforehand. So I don't -- me. Yeah he needed it that you. Know what that. You're eating -- -- back to work day curricula that happy again. Hopefully without lead. We give it his resignation that you record went -- and me. Because technically if you Wear it that he got. -- -- You know if you kill or you don't kill or that -- -- if all we do. When it be that the company -- -- -- -- -- You didn't look for more than. But it for acting deliberately. It. It humanity her. Let the eagle. We haven't operated. You don't see. If we believe that technically. If you don't want to work doesn't matter whether you're here and -- -- for eighteen years getting it aren't you did you look for work. -- -- -- -- It. Why do it on your resignation be Cuba apparently aren't coming here that you take time happy. It not protected. Within the law. --

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{"id":15501568,"title":"Woman Alleges Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination","duration":"1:47","description":"Amy Zvovushe records conversation with human resources about resigning.","url":"/Business/video/woman-alleges-workplace-pregnancy-discrimination-15501568","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}