Woman bombarded by Amazon packages she never ordered

Michelle Carroll says the deliveries to her home started with "an annoying little hamster."
2:09 | 02/20/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman bombarded by Amazon packages she never ordered
We're gonna start this story with what distorted at all it's an annoying little and stare. Initial here all got these talking hamster delivered to her husband at bear addressed earlier this month beat it and ordering it and she thought it was a prank. Then they started getting more and more packages. But of pillows. There is no return receipt I want to make sure my husband's account wasn't being hit at ending asking for the tracking numbers and they were from two different individuals. And they rip that those accounts on hold. And go okay what and I can't thought it was gonna stop well it didn't really. Isn't that how you're getting free stuff every single Damon. Like you're pretty angry mob hit that's adding he now somebody has character. And somebody's use me means. You now and stuff and they're just regular innings. You know out there exercise independent too old. And so I mean yes I don't know when I'm gonna do. She believes she's a victim of brushing its more person uses a fake account and send products out to someone. So they can write good reviews and ratings rankings. I took a look at the pillows or views and there are a lot of five stars. However we can't say they are fake but I noticed some of the users have reviewed this same products. Even lie and those reviews for prime. And I did this says it's I have really been big for this the stop. And he now we'll just be placing another called Amazon to go to our local authorities. He now I don't now not only is your car but here. Look at what's your beepers. If my husband. And our anthrax and it had me at our number. She just to keep the pillows in the boxes until she figures out what exactly is going on. I asked for that he answer it may not be talking for very long. Cheese. You now wild wing well I mean dissect epic I don't know I hope.

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{"id":53220675,"title":"Woman bombarded by Amazon packages she never ordered","duration":"2:09","description":"Michelle Carroll says the deliveries to her home started with \"an annoying little hamster.\"","url":"/Business/video/woman-bombarded-amazon-packages-ordered-53220675","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}