This Woman Is Transforming the $60 Billion Beauty Industry

Click here to find out how! Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis 12.18.2014.
5:29 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for This Woman Is Transforming the $60 Billion Beauty Industry
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and on our radar today the woman who is transforming this sixty billion dollar beauty industry. In grad school she would drive 45 minutes just to buy her favorite Mac lipstick. And now Marla Malcolm back has access to every beauty product under the sun righted her fingertips. Because she's the co-founder and CEO of blue Mercury a company that she and her husband started together in 1990. Take a look at our conversation at the newest blue Mercury store right here in New York City. So blue Mercury that's how did you come up with the idea to start this company so I was always a. Hi John yeah I love cosmetics my whole life I facials when I was in high school long before anyone knew what they work. And in 1999 you can only buy cosmetics at drugstores or it department stores. And I was in my twenties and really didn't like shopping at department stores because everything was sold from behind the town. I had to go to the Canner and that person only sold out one plan and so I thought there had to be a better way. What would you say it was the biggest push for me it was I I just love product and I thought it was hard to get to this. When I moved from California to Boston that was my first foray to species list. He's have to drive 45 minutes again a lipsticks brand that I loved and using California. Nice have to special order by phone because when I meters when he and it was apparent. Skin products and lives. And here we are in your nearest location yeah you have now how relocation six. I mean can now we started with one and what's even number one thing the number one concern people have to blue Mercury went. I think it's like the holy Grail everyone's looking for the perfect line when it reaches its final lines. It gets rid of dark circles make sure eyes Bryant makes you look ten years or so the holy ground guy what is Napoli for women now permit until and then to us that this is newer solo racer was only women that men are really looking for I think ten. And 61 is the blue Mercury in store brands with sort of my other venture on the side and it's my next on venture that's how could you can't get enough of entrepreneurial matter right yeah I have a million ideas is always a matter asserted that no holding me back from doing the next thing so I wanted to create the most natural. Causing a cynical technical crammed with out a hundred chemicals. Where do you think it terms of make up. And and just didn't care where you think people make the biggest mistake. He was picked the wrong lip color so I need our staff to help me to write lip color this has been chronic. For me forever remember when time when I was in my twenties before it happened Mercury. A guy turned oriented team that looks six to chart a guy yes my. Yeah. All need help. Picking the perfect lipstick because with us can turn our hair in her eyes and show every season I still coming in turn sent and I think. You know finding the perfect lipstick for this fall are planning a planned for next spring. Because and we all need that help picking the right colors and that's really an art and other things to mayor little bit more science like skin care but it. Lipstick and makeup artistry is art so I need help from an expert. How does some four act company to play here I know one of this story is and you've been quoted in the New York Times talking about that's. You have a new location into for a locates a block away. Yes so actually fit for a one of their first ten stories from the United States has opened next to our very first story in Georgetown. It's our customer issues to come in and sit on my Adams sorry you're giving out of business because they knew who are competing against a giant global corporation. And I we said don't worry about that work faster work entrepreneurial. And we had to learn what our point of difference. And so we really said we want to be the passing having beauty buys what. Will be the new trends for 2058 where the top colors you know it's funny were seen her return to new again so we hadn't had this poll was all about the red lip and then dramatic I am man in the spring shows. We're seeing these revealing new faces there were some shows where they deny any news any makeup they just. Really is there yet pretty brave thing pretty amazing so yeah return to really news can. If I brain and an and I think there are there a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have created skin care make up. Brands that they hope will someday find themselves in blue Mercury. How do I get into blue Mercury I can about forty packages sent to fortieth day dad helps companies that want to be absolutely. So it's amazing how much how many creative people there are and so what we're really looking for is someone with a point of view why did you have to solve the problem and create a brand is it beautiful quality is that packaging that our consumer would like. Not just what you have today but what's your plan going forward when you point to bring out. Because we're in the product business so everybody's looking for what's next. Forty new product today I'll try some of them Marla if your interest and thank you so much to Marla and two blue Mercury and thank you for joining us some real biz will hear from you. It's the Internet age so of course you can order a lot of things online now but would you drive 45 minutes to pick up your favorite beauty product. Like us tweet is that Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from the studios in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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