The Year in Wall Street IPOs

Debra Borchardt reviews LinkedIn, Groupon and Dunkin Donuts.
4:20 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for The Year in Wall Street IPOs
It's -- here and ups and downs on Wall Street in the -- could really be set of initial public offerings that are known as IPOs we've seen a number of new stocks soar when they hit the market only to falter. In the days that followed. That report chart from the street joins us now to wrap up the year in IPOs a welcome back Debra so we have more than a hundred companies go public this -- big names like Linkedin group on Dunkin' Donuts. Overall were -- gainers. Losers -- pretty much losers probably. 75%. Of the companies that went public are down. In their performance. How did the IP is compared to the larger market. Fourth IPO's -- -- down about as a overall group down about 5% maybe a little over 5%. The NASDAQ has comparison only down 1%. You know some of the big IPOs like linked and you know how they do that's been. Particularly -- people and -- -- -- that's interesting because the stock did really well at first it Al down came back out but everybody thought okay here we go out. And a lot of insiders dumped their spot if this stock was so great -- I get it if you wonder apple founders -- you dump your stock held -- That made the market a little. IPO. How would you say it's been doing I mean the company wasn't profitable but there -- still high hopes for right well it had a bit of a bumpy start before it went public there was a lot of noise around -- some some controversy over their numbers are counting. Still went public and again that's -- to do well but it's fallen also you know people are really threatened -- look at the numbers ago. -- are they making their money being. You know the one big one that surprised me is -- don't -- -- doesn't everyone drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee at least here in the in the big cities. Apparently didn't do greener not so hot now -- what happened at the clock out it went public and -- they immediately report their second quarter results and they weren't. Double and so people -- the third quarter a little bit better but then the company came out with a secondary offering which means they issued more shares well. That immediately deluded. The amount of shares that they had -- the shareholders' value of the first people -- people that bought the first time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really Procter and frustrating for those in -- jail a lot of -- losing money at the end of the day on IPOs who was making money. Private equity and venture capitalist -- you're one lucky people that -- a lot of money and you put your money with these private equity firms or. With these venture capitalist firms those -- the ones that -- making money for themselves and their climate so the rich get richer meaning into investing one of those -- you gotta be a millionaire to Begin. That's correct that at Catholic right it's very hard for a retail investor just a regular guy like -- -- To make money on these stocks when they come out right away. Most investors. What are better to wait maybe six months before they get any evening to let them -- -- -- looking appear had we're expecting that FaceBook at some point is going to happen initial public offering what are you hearing about pricing. You know -- I'm sure it's going to be for its very high it's it's there's a lot of demand for the -- -- a huge brand recognition name you know so. I think you're gonna see a lot of where people want -- I don't know. You know when we see the numbers that's something we really haven't seen yet. We start to see the numbers some of the but may Wear down like with group on other companies that are getting lots and lots of excitement overnight PO. You know there's a -- the companies that brand recognition got a lot of excitement it's not a big deal but annie's pasta is going public and well a lot of us that kids we buying -- that Yelp. Is going public and that's another online -- that -- has a lot of brand recognition. Whole bunch of alternative energy means they're going to be hitting probably the first quarter so. We start C a lot more news about solar wind and bitten. Alan GE energy in my energies that lot of companies and have -- back to talk about that in the new year -- -- -- -- for industry thanks so much for joining us now.

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{"id":15165015,"title":"The Year in Wall Street IPOs","duration":"4:20","description":"Debra Borchardt reviews LinkedIn, Groupon and Dunkin Donuts.","url":"/Business/video/year-wall-street-ipos-15165015","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}