New App Allows You To Watch NYE Ball Drop Via Smartphone

Waterford reveals 2014 ball design and how to tune into live coverage via phone or tablet.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for New App Allows You To Watch NYE Ball Drop Via Smartphone
It's the last day of 2013 tomorrow and -- -- -- -- Waterford vice president of global marketing is here with crystals from Times Square is historic. New Year's Eve ball also Jeffrey Straus is the president of countdown entertainment. He's been the executive producer of the times where -- meant for nineteen years welcome guys haven't. This is -- -- -- Absolutely -- this is -- the thing that the whole year leads up to in terms of its importance. And I was reading something like a billion people are watching this -- banks. A lower on the world yeah it -- nearly a million people in Times Square. Over a 150 million Americans watched the event -- -- crystal ball coming down. And over a billion people around the world live run news coverage -- -- is truly the world coming together -- global celebration. And you have a new way and that's different for them to come together this -- -- -- -- Don't count down map which of course there's an app for everything now so why wouldn't there be one for them as well we. Of the official times Karbala which you can download anywhere in the world you don't have to be watching the television you can download on the app Google. And apple and watch the Waterford crystal ball come down. And actually see all the entertainment. People don't realize the show starts at 6 PM with a Chinese cultural performance in the country store riding -- it's going to be performing. We have on the old -- John Carlos -- We have Melissa Etheridge sings imagine and I generally and I do so for hits there's a whole celebration that you can -- online at the people in Times Square -- What that you wouldn't see if you what -- one of those networks you'll only see their portion of it. And what's great about it is they're -- here for that big moment at midnight -- no countdown together with the Waterford crystal ball. And there's so much history here since 1907. This has been going on. Tell me about what goes into this Waterford crystal ball first of all -- give -- the -- So what's most -- foot diameter. And -- 2680. Panels all made -- of handcrafted Waterford crystal. That's a real exciting moment for us because were part of some of the world's celebrations and this is the Crandall -- for us and a capsule into the year. And there's a lot of production that goes into months and advanced -- crystal panels and this year we're actually -- -- a new collection. -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's called the greatest hits collection is not meant to be in a materialistic yes but it's -- that that we can show the world that are -- emotional that are hopeful. And it it's a time where everyone thinks about how to make the world a better place. So it's a great celebration for some this year we're gonna and bail in new design. This in his car and yes this is one of the paint one -- -- 2688. Panels without them -- 480 how does it take out a way to put all of that together. It's it's it's months and production birdie start in the next are already you are absolutely and it's been redesigned and rent is it seven times since 1907. The ball -- Sell itself as the redesigned seven times -- as technology changes so does the ball. But what's great about is 1999 we partner for the millennium of Waterford crystal we created the largest crucible -- world and what a -- away. -- started and here the look into the future with a Waterford crystal ball. And now the ball actually has its own personality -- -- To read -- -- we're above sweep by the way can't you download -- -- -- you can. The conversation and it's with the entire world and I really curious to know it all have to only gotten something on that pulls you along a little -- What he's got a hold you gotta keep that audience really on its status. Well and what's great as you get the bolts perspective of -- whole celebration in the whole year. And and and it's great because -- have a lot of fun with it because he's got a sense of humor but it's also a moment in time where we all sort of looked back and reflect on the year of good and bad. Look -- with hopes and dreams of resolutions for the future and we celebrate today and that Waterford crystal ball is really that simple that we overlook what and it's just a great partnership because of that tradition. How heavy -- none of my -- holding it. So it's actually this has to mean that it's a pretty happy thing I mean for just being one key. You know the whole ball itself -- almost 121000 pounds twelve -- you have to -- and how does it transport and. While it that we ticket at the very top of the pole yes and then electronically its program to come down at the stroke of midnight -- are you going to be there to you absolutely were there every minute of the little -- Miguel. I don't I'm actually -- in Times Square for a bomb dropped tell me what is the feeling I mean other than being really bolt and excite. It you feel I mean it's so you have a whole global community there's over 20% -- international audience over 70% -- -- the tristate area. But you have Ryan Seacrest that would Jenny McCarthy celebrity BC but you also have Anderson Cooper on CNN and you've got Univision got. Everybody's there the entire world is celebrating -- us and we know that over -- 150 million Americans are watching it is New York's biggest annual promotion. Everybody's in a great move by the end of the night. You -- people from all over the world because NYPD -- amazing job. Make it safe fun and friendly and they build these pandas are on 43 they go all way up almost teared you know -- -- -- Central Park. And we'll meet people from Berlin and Moscow and Nairobi and in Detroit and Tampa and LA it is incredible. So well thanks so much to both of you for joining us looking forward to seeing so so that this specific name as -- Waterford. Ball drop. Is that what it tell me what he actually -- the Waterford crystal times good news the -- Waterford crystal Times Square New Year's Eve ball got the biggest personable in the world. I don't like it. Happy new year to both of you do you enjoy the ball dropped thanks so much for stopping by real as we appreciate it have been.

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{"id":21369299,"title":"New App Allows You To Watch NYE Ball Drop Via Smartphone ","duration":"3:00","description":"Waterford reveals 2014 ball design and how to tune into live coverage via phone or tablet.","url":"/Business/video/years-eve-2014-app-watch-nye-ball-drop-21369299","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}