Wallet Returned 6 Years Later With Lucky Charm Still Inside

I was concerned most about the little Irish card,” said Dan Shepherd.

December 11, 2015, 5:57 PM
PHOTO: Man's stolen wallet returned six years later with his lucky charm still inside.
Man's stolen wallet returned six years later with his lucky charm still inside.
Courtesy Dan Shepherd

— -- When the police knocked on Dan Shepherd’s door yesterday morning, he couldn't imagine why.

“I just heard a banging on my door and I go downstairs and see a cop getting ready to leave, so I pondered for a second and I thought, ‘I better get this over with,’” Shepherd, 31, joked to ABC News about the strange occurrence.

But he wasn't in trouble.

“I went out there and he had the wallet in his hand and was asking if I was Mr. Shepherd," he recounted. "He said, ‘I found your wallet, sir.’”

Shepherd, of Warrenton, Virginia, said about six years ago, his wallet was taken from his car, along with his spare change and oddly enough, his ash tray.

“It was my fault because I left the door unlocked in my car. I learned my lesson on that one,” Shepherd said. “It was right out in front of my condo.”

Amazingly enough, a card featuring an Irish poem -- which was very sentimental to him -- was still inside.

A cop told him the wallet had been found “‘In a construction site a few minutes down the road,’” Shepherd said.

During the building process, "in tearing up the ground and all that, the wallet just popped out," a rep for the Warrenton Police said. "The construction crew called us and one of our supervisors went out there to get it and he probably just went by to knock on this man’s door."

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At the time the wallet was stolen, the construction site “would have just been woods or a marsh or something,” Shepherd recalled. “I assume whoever stole it just took the cash and threw it out the car or chucked it into the woods.”

But of all the things that were in his wallet, like credit cards, $60 to $70 cash, his ID or even his parents’ house key, he was more concerned about the card with the Irish poem.

“I got it in Ireland and gave it to my mom, and then a few years ago she gave it back to me when I was having a really rough time and said I needed it," Shepherd said. "A really good friend of mine had died.”

“Credit cards and IDs, you can get all that back, but a sentimental thing like that is so hard to replace,” he added.

When he told his mom the lucky card has finally made its way home, “She was excited,” he said. “She just said out loud, ‘I guess it worked.’”

Shepherd said he plans to put his lucky charm into his new wallet.

But as for his Blockbuster Video card, Hollywood Video card or his unused Borders book store gift card, “it doesn’t matter because they shut down, so I lost out on that guy,” he joked. “It really is like a time capsule.”

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