Spain: Second death confirmed after chemical plant blast

Authorities in northeastern Spain say that a second person has been found dead following a massive explosion at a petrochemical plant that injured eight others

Miquel Buch, the regional head of Catalonia’s interior department, said the dead individual was found buried under debris inside the plant. A plant worker has been missing following the Tuesday night blast near the city of Tarragona on the Mediterranean coast.

A preliminary investigation indicated the force of the explosion killed another person in a nearby neighborhood when a piece of metal struck his residence. The injured were workers at the plant.

The regional firefighters for Catalonia said 30 firefighting crews worked through the night to combat a fire from the explosion.

Fire chief Albert Ventosa said Wednesday that the fire was under control and there is no danger to the exterior of the plant.

Authorities are investigating the cause of what they describe as a “chemical accident.”