2002 Oscars Won't Be Affected, Says Academy Pres

October 16, 2001 -- While Emmy organizers are still deciding how to stage their third attempt at the television awards ceremony, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences President Frank Pierson assures the industry that next year's Oscar ceremony will go on, come what may.In an open letter to Variety that was published today, Pierson cited the same "back to business" message that our nation's leaders have been urging since the Sept. 11 attacks.Wrote Pierson, "The celebration of artistic accomplishments may not be the highest priority in a time of national trauma, but the Academy Awards with all their pomp and history and, yes, occasional foolishness, are a quintessentially American activity, and the right to carry on our thousand of less-than-earthshaking activities —our football games, our state fairs, our conventions — is a large part of why we're fighting terrorists today."He admitted, "there may be modifications in the nature of the ceremonies if those are appropriate, but this show, just as it did throughout the great crisis of World War II, just as it did during the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts, will go on. As life goes on."He concluded, "The world will see an American tradition continue, and will take notice. If we give in to fear, if we aren't able to do these simple and ordinary things, the terrorists have won the war.

The Academy Awards will be held for the first time at the newly built Kodak Theatre, part of the Hollywood & Highland complex on Hollywood Blvd.