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  • McCarthy on Playboy, Again

    McCarthy on Playboy, Again
    Lana Del Rey
    Mariano Vivanco/GQ
  • Kate Moss Goes Nude, Again

    Kate Moss Goes Nude, Again
    Jenny McCarthy poses nude for the July/August issue of Playboy. It's McCarthy's seventh pictorial for Playboy and her sixth time on the cover.
  • Patti Davis Goes Nude, Again

    Patti Davis Goes Nude, Again
    Patti Davis poses nude in the June 2011 issue of More magazine.
  • Hathaway and Gyllenhaal's Nude Cover

    Hathaway and Gyllenhaal's Nude Cover
    Mariah Carey poses nude on the cover of Life&Style magazine. In the photo, Carey, 42, proudly shows off her baby bump. "I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn't want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience," Carey told the magazine. "My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans."
  • Kim Kardashian Goes Nude

    Kim Kardashian Goes Nude
    Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal get naked for steamy magazine cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly. The actors star in the film "Love and Other Drugs." The two share intimate scenes in the film as well. "Annie and I had already had sex on film (in "Brokeback Mountain"). There's something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical. It's all about rhythm. There's a rhythm to writing, there's a rhythm to sports, there's a rhythm to sex," Gyllenhaal told British Esquire.
  • Bret Michaels Strips Down for Billboard

    Bret Michaels Strips Down for Billboard
    Kim Kardashian took it all off for a photo shoot featured in W magazine. On the cover, a confident Kim is shown nude. The reality star told W magazine, "I used to think, I have to be this or that or skinny, and now, because of the show, everyone is embracing just me." Inside, a portfolio by well-known photographer Mark Seliger features the starlet covered in silver paint from the shoulders down. Kim was featured on the cover for the magazine's "Art Issue." The W November cover is an artwork by conceptual artist Barbara Kruger on a photograph by Mark Seliger.
    Courtesy W Magazine
  • 'True Blood' Stars on Racy Cover

    'True Blood' Stars on Racy Cover
    Bret Michaels appears nude on the cover of Billboard magazine, in an issue entitled "Maximum Exposure." Michaels has a new VH1 reality show, called "Life As I Know It. "TV has absolutely made my sales go up, made my tour guarantees go up," Michaels said. "But the key thing is knowing what to walk away from."
  • Celebrities Go Nude for Magazines

    Celebrities Go Nude for Magazines
    Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, stars of the HBO series "True Blood," grace the cover of September's Rolling Stone wearing nothing but "blood." The show's become famous for its sex scenes -- gay, straight, vampire, werewolf or other supernatural beings -- which is a stark contrast to the teen-audience-oriented "Twilight" vampires. "To me, vampires are sex," says "True Blood" creator Alan Bell to Rolling Stone. "I don't get a vampire story about abstinence. I'm 53. I don't care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed."
    Rolling Stone
  • Claudia Schiffer Shows Off Baby Bump

    Claudia Schiffer Shows Off Baby Bump
    Doug Reinhardt, Paris Hilton's ex, poses in June's "Naked Centerfolds Special" issue of British Cosmopolitan to raise awareness of male cancer.
    Courtesy Gilles Toucas/JME Photo/British Cosmopolitan
  • Stars' Nude Magazine Appearances

    Stars' Nude Magazine Appearances
    Supermodel Claudia Schiffer isn't afraid to show a little (or a lot) of skin, even when she's pregnant. The 39-year-old German model and mother posed nude for her native country's June 2010 edition of Vogue, mimicking the 1991 pictorial Demi Moore shot for Vanity Fair when she was seven months pregnant. German Vogue's editor, Christine Arp, praised Schiffer. "There are probably not many other women who have been photographed as often as Claudia. But she has never been seen in such a different way," she said in the magazine.
  • Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover

    Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover
    Ashley Dupre poses for Playboy's May issue. "I was an escort. As much as I wish I could make that go away, I can't. I'm trying to take it as a lesson learned. I am not proud of what I've done," says Ashley Dupre in an exclusive interview that will hit newsstands April 16, 2010.
    Courtesy Playboy
  • Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover

    Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover
    caption tk
  • Kate Moss' Fierce Nude Pose

    Kate Moss' Fierce Nude Pose
    Levi Johnston's Playgirl cover has been unveiled. Headlined "Levi Johnston Goes Rogue," the photo spread also includes an interview with Johnston, 19, who has a 1-year-old son, Tripp, with Bristol Palin, 19, the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The magazine hits newsstands Feb. 22.
  • Kate Moss' Fierce Nude Pose

    Kate Moss' Fierce Nude Pose
    A nude Kate Moss strikes a fierce pose on the cover of Love magazine. The issue has eight different covers showing models in identical poses, including Amber Valletta and Naomi Campbell. "We did this to show how much they differed physically from one another, which is why we also printed their measurements," Love's editor Katee Brand said.
    Courtesy Love magazine
  • Nude Covers Johnny Depp

    Nude Covers Johnny Depp
    A normally camera-shy Johnny Depp is giving his fans some eye candy on the February 2010 cover of GQ magazine. Depp gets the cover shot after winning the title of most stylish man in the world.
  • Nude Covers John Mayer

    Nude Covers John Mayer
    John Mayer appears shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine Mayer opens up with the magazine on everything from ex-Jennifer Aniston to the paparazzi.
    Rolling Stone
  • Their Boots Are Made for Posing

    Their Boots Are Made for Posing
    A shirtless Tiger Woods pumps iron on the February cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The spread by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz was shot before Woods' infidelity scandal began. "Tiger is an intensely competitive athlete -- and quite serious about his sport. I wanted to reveal that in these photos. And to show his incredible focus and dedication," Leibovitz wrote on The magazine says the photos capture Woods "in prophetic isolation."
  • Skin Worthy Covers

    Skin Worthy Covers
    Supermodels Eva Herzigova, 36, Helena Christensen, 40, and Claudia Schiffer, 39, have still got it. The supermodels posed for i-D magazine, wearing only leather boots.
    Courtesy of I-D Magazine