What If the Whole Gang Returned to '90210' ... ?

Casting has now begun on CW's "Beverly Hills, 90210" spinoff pilot, with Canadian Dustin Milligan, 22 (of CW's short-lived "Runaway"), playing Ethan, a star athlete at West Beverly High. Although some original players have expressed interest in returning to their old ZIP code, others have not.

"Probably not," Ian Ziering tells USA TODAY. "That would seem like going back, and I want to move forward into other things." But Ziering says he has spoken to castmates Jason Priestley and Luke Perry about bringing their characters back for a reunion to air on Sept. 2, 2010 -- 90210!

USA TODAY can't wait that long. Here's how we'd work old faves in with the young newbies.

Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley, 38)

Then: High school newspaper editor who graduated to job at the New York Chronicle.

Now: His reputation destroyed in plagiarism scandal, Brandon moves back into his parents' still-vacant home and bitterly accepts position as West Beverly's new English teacher, where he vows to put the yellow back in journalism.

Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty, 36) Then: Last seen back in 1994 taking off to pursue an acting career in London.

Now: Her biggest acting role to date being one of Jack the Ripper's victims in The London Dungeon torture museum, Brenda returns to The Peach Pit to humbly revive her old gum-chomping waitress character, Laverne. New student customers assume she's insane.

Dylan McKay (Luke Perry, 42)

Then: Brooding loner from the wrong side of the tracks.

Now: Opens his home to brooding loner students and encourages them to rebel by growing their sideburns out long … really long.

Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth, 36)

Then: Stuck-up princess turned rape survivor with heart of gold.

Now: Way too cool for this show after her Dancing With the Stars turn and new CBS comedy pilot, My Best Friend's Girl, Garth turns down offer to return. Irritated producers hire unknown to play new Kelly, who is sadly still trying to hook up with West Beverly jocks.

Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering, 44)

Then: Running the tabloid The Beverly Beat with wife Janet (Lipstick Jungle's Lindsay Price). Father of daughter Madeline.

Now: After The Beverly Beat goes belly up, Steve launches an online tabloid designed to expose high school student secrets. He undergoes an Extreme Makeover, complete with hair transplant, to re-enter West Beverly as Swedish exchange student Nells. The whole scheme is exposed when the Extreme Makeover episode airs.

David Silver (Brian Austin Green, 34)

Then: Proprietor of hip nightclub Peach Pit After Dark

Now: Failing to attract crowds to his struggling club -- still showcasing hot "new" talents like Dido -- David takes on an exciting new venture: dealing drugs under track field bleachers.

Donna Martin Silver (Tori Spelling, 34)

Then: Owner of chic boutique. Newly married to high school sweetheart David.

Now: Accepts a job as West Beverly's health and sex ed teacher to encourage girls not to waste as much time as she did. Happily raising her and David's 11 children, and pregnant with their 12th.

Andrea Zuckerman Vasquez (Gabrielle Carteris, 47) Then: Divorced mother of daughter Hannah.

Now: As Hannah's Girl Scout troop leader, she organizes a disastrous camping trip, during which one of the girls goes missing. Ostracized by the community, Andrea once again has to leave Beverly Hills to take up residence in the bad part of town.