Actress Ginnifer Goodwin Marries Josh Dallas

The 'Once Upon a Time' co-stars tie the knot, expecting baby.

April 14, 2014— -- Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin married co-star Josh Dallas this past weekend, ABC News has confirmed.

The couple announced their engagement in October 2013 and are already expecting their first baby this spring, according to People.

Last month, Rebecca Mader -- another "Once Upon a Time" cast member -- talked to ABC about Goodwin’s baby glow.

"She's one of the most attractive, gracious pregnant people I've ever met," the "Lost" alum told ABC News. "If I can be like that when I'm pregnant. ... I love Ginnifer Goodwin."

The pregnancy has been written in to the show, ensuring the series continues to run smoothly.

Mader added, "She's such a cool cat, she's just really comfortable and really happy being pregnant, it's lovely to be around. Her and Josh are really, really excited to be parents.”