Why Adele's New Album Will Be 'Insane'

Collaborator Ryan Tedder opens up about the "crazy" upcoming album.

The final product, he promised, will be "insane."

"I'm super-stoked," he told ABC News of what he's seen of Adele's new work. "And I know that with the amount of insanely good songs she has to pick from -- 'cause I've heard most of 'em -- this album's gonna be crazy."

Tedder, who won a Grammy for his contributions to Adele's album "21," is only one of a number of collaborators she's working with on the new disc. But he said he's familiar with almost all the material that she's considering for inclusion on the album, and he's excited about the possibilities.

"She'll be able to toss aside hits, you know, and still have the most insane album," he gushed. "So I'm excited for her."

As for OneRepublic, the band is currently promoting its new single, "I Lived," which Tedder wrote for his son. OneRepublic has a few more Christmas shows to do before taking a break for the holidays, and then the band members will kick off a Canadian tour in April.