Emmys 2016: Anthony Anderson Celebrates Nomination by Calling Tracee Ellis Ross

The "Black-ish" co-stars both received nods this morning.

ByLesley Messer
July 14, 2016, 1:21 PM

— -- Anthony Anderson received his second straight nomination for his role in "Black-ish" on Wednesday, but he told ABC News this morning that the honor never gets old.

In fact, this year was even more exciting, because he had the opportunity to announce live that his co-star, Tracee Ellis Ross, also earned a nod.

Immediately before his interview with ABC News, he chatted with his on-screen wife, smiling ear-to-ear and asking her, "Did I scream loud enough on TV?!"

"She just congratulated me. She said she was so happy that I said her name," he explained afterward. "We were just excited and we're gonna see each other a little bit later on today and continue this little roller-coaster whirlwind that we're on right now!"

"Black-ish," which recently wrapped its second season, was also nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series for the first time. Anderson, 45, who plays the patriarch in the ABC sitcom, attributes the show's success to the cast and crew's hard work and the authenticity of its subject matter.

"These are issues and stories that we deal with personally and we deal with as a community and we deal with as a people at large and you know, we're telling the stories of every American out there. We just happen to be telling it from a black perspective," he said, "but it's the stories of family, it's the story of strife and struggle and everything we all go through. They're trying to attain this American dream, and I think that's what really strikes a chord with the public."

When asked what it feels like to earn an Emmy nomination, Anderson was uncharacteristically at a loss for words ("Excitement, elation, nervousness," he offered). And though he did acknowledge that a glass of champagne or a piece of cake is probably in his immediate future, he said the real party will be in two months, at the awards show.

"We will hold off celebrating until the award is in our hands," he said. "That's what we're hoping for. We want to celebrate with a trophy."

The Emmy Awards will air live on ABC on Sept. 18.

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