Ariana Grande Tells ‘GMA’ She Cried All Night in Excitement Over Her New Album

The singer's new album "Dangerous Woman" has risen to the top of the charts.

“I’m so grateful, I’m blown away, I’m overwhelmed,” she said of her fans and how well the album has already been received. “Today’s the craziest day and I’m so excited.”

Grande performed her title track, “Dangerous Woman,” and two other songs, “Be Alright” and “Greedy.”

“I love music. This is what I’m here for,” she explained in front of the huge, cheering crowd. “Being able to sing, being able to do what I love, being able to entertain for the most passionate babes in the whole world that I love with all my heart, and having the music be received in such a positive way is overwhelming.”

She added that she hadn’t slept all night because she’s been “so excited.”

“I’ve been crying all night,” the singer said. “I haven’t slept for one second. I’ve been reading every tweet. I’m so appreciative.”