Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains What Happened to Broken Leg

The actor explained what happened on "Live With Kelly."

— -- Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off some new footwear on today's "Live With Kelly." The actor sported a medical boot for his broken leg.

When asked about the boot by host Kelly Ripa, Schwarzenegger quipped, "Just a little pedicure mishap."

Actually, the actor suffered a stress fracture on his lower right leg, he said.

"It could be from too much skiing or too much squatting ... but who cares? It's something that I've done too much of," the former governor of California explained.

Still, Schwarzenegger, 69, is not letting his injury slow him down.

"They say I have to wear this for a few weeks," he said, "but I’m going to replace it very quickly with ski boots."