'Bachelor' Contestant Carly Waddell Gets Support From Brother Who Was On 'Bachelorette'

Zak Waddell, who was on Desiree Hartsock's season, spoke out about his sister.

February 09, 2015, 4:36 PM

— -- "Bachelor" contestant Carly Waddell isn't the first person in her family who's tried to find love on TV.

Her older brother, Zak, competed for Desiree Hartsock's affections on "The Bachelorette" two years ago -- and she was featured in the hometown date episode.

"You light the fire inside his eyes/You give him hope that love survives," Carly sang to Hartsock. "Oh, Desiree, now we can see/Your place among our family."

Now, Zak is returning the favor by cheering on his little sister, who is fighting for roses from Chris Soules. In a blog he keeps on Hartsock's website, he wrote about how much he's enjoyed seeing Carly open up.

"I thank Chris for his kind, nurturing, paternal nature. And equally, something about Carly made Chris open up like he hasn’t to this point," he wrote. "'Carly would be the best wife you could ever ask for,' said Chris. I can second that and because of my unique position say, 'Carly is the best sister you could ever ask for.' When this is all said and done, my only hope is that she lands in a state of grace… with Chris, or on the path toward a man that loves her as much as I do."

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