'The Bachelor': Nick says bye-bye to next season's Bachelorette

Check out what went down last night!

— -- On Monday’s new episode of "The Bachelor" on ABC, Nick Viall narrowed his options to two, following fantasy suite outings in Finland.

After her night with Nick, Raven proclaimed him to be “really good at what he does” and added that she was “really satisfied today,” in a nod to her earlier revelation that the one man she’d been with previously had left her unfulfilled.

Next up was Rachel, whose day started with cross-country skiing, even though neither she nor Nick were particularly good at it. The couple’s fun date continued, as they made out while riding in a reindeer-powered sleigh.

Rachel eventually told Nick she was falling in love with him before accepting his invitation to the fantasy suite. He rewarded her with a breakfast he cooked himself.

Nick and Vanessa tried to put the spontaneity back into their relationship after a serious hometown date. Running between an ice bath and a sauna in the freezing temperatures provided plenty of chances to cuddle and forget their cares.

Still, the two clashed over Nick’s concerns that he wouldn’t fit into her very traditional family, and Vanessa was worried by his hesitancy to say he was willing to move to her native Canada. In the end, she told Nick she loved him and made her way to the fantasy suite.

With all three overnights finished, Nick faced the most difficult decision of the season so far. The tearful and nervous Bachelor first gave Raven a rose, before bestowing the second one on Vanessa. As he sent Rachel home, Nick offered her cryptic comfort by saying he selfishly hoped this won’t be goodbye forever.

Find out who Nick chooses next week on the season finale of "The Bachelor" on ABC.