'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Caila and Jared Leave

A lot went down last night.

— -- The latest episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" focused on the fallout from the love triangle between Caila Quinn, Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti.

The triangle abruptly collapsed with Caila awkwardly packing her suitcase while Ashley tried to convince Jared that she was acting in his best interest, trying to protect him because she loves him.

Jared and Ashley talked for a minute but Jared left on a low-speed chase after Caila, who was in a car driving away very slowly. Amazingly, Jared managed to stop the vehicle without breaking the creases in his slacks and got in with Caila. He told her he wants to be in the car with her and said, “What am I gonna do?” and the two of them said goodbye to paradise.

Meanwhile, Ashely was crying. “I just lost one of my best friends,” she said, and moments later resolved to live for herself.

During what looks like a lightning storm, Wells Adams and Jami Letain came over for drinks. Wells doesn’t want to bum out Ashley while Jami said that she’s “89 percent sure” that Wells is over Ashley. They hugged.

After the commercial break, Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind had a few things to say and then Lauren H from Ben’s season showed up. Brett Melnick said Lauren “looks scrumptious” and Wells said that he doesn’t want to get asked out again because he’s overwhelmed with all the women he’s juggling.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan had also shown up and Ashley didn't like that. Shushanna, meanwhile, was wearing high heels in the sand.

Next we find Lauren and Brett and Shushanna and Wells down at the beach where they are going to have surfing lessons. Izzy was not happy that Brett was at the beach with Lauren.

Back in Ashley-land, Ash was concerned that she was competing with two other girls. When they cut to Wells, he was explaining Shushanna’s appeal and compared her to a Bond villain, though he neglected to point out which one.

Back at the resort, Evan Bass was making out with his lady love Carly Waddell.

Later on, Josh Murray was sitting down to dinner with Amanda Stanton. Josh worked hard to convince Amanda and her that he is serious about her. Amanda concentrated very hard as Josh told her that “everything is very real for me.”

Amanda said, “He’s like everything that I’ve ever wanted,” adding that, “after tonight I do love Josh.”

They embraced while fireworks exploded in the distance.

Ashley, again, trashed Shushanna and then Jami had a drink that inspires her and she went off with Wells to talk.

Next week promises “multiple proposals” but asks “who will go home brokenhearted?”