'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: One Person Quits, Two Others Arrive

Last night's episode was so, so tearful.

— -- Ashley I.'s sister, we hardly knew ya.

Ashley Iaconneti's younger sister, Lauren, quit "Bachelor in Paradise" Sunday night, feeling overwhelmed for a number of reasons.

An emotional Lauren complained to Ashley, "This is my personal hell. I'm sweaty. I'm hot. I'm around people 24/7. I hate this."

There was something else weighing on her mind, though. She told some of the guys that she was the "mistress" of a man back home. Needless to say, the others thought it was a strange bit of information.

Lauren took it personally and said goodbye to her sister and to paradise, causing Ashley to shed some tears.

JJ Lane didn't handle the Joshua-Tenley date particularly well, either, since he gave Tenley a rose last week. After the two returned to paradise, he swooped in and stole Tenley away for a kiss. But afterward, Tenley spent more time with Joshua.

Tenley's romance with Joshua hit a speed bump when she found out he'd been telling the guys a story about using the drug Molly during a Las Vegas bachelor party. She asked him about it, and he insisted it was a one-time deal.

Joshua's fellow "Bachelorette" contestant, Joe Bailey, also arrived to paradise on Sunday night. He made an awkward first impression with the cast, but Juelia Kinney took an interest in him when they went on a date. However, Joe later told a producer that he'd joined the show in hopes of meeting Samantha from Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor."

Jared Haibon received a date card and, essentially faced with the prospect of asking out either Clare Crawley or Ashley I., picked Clare. Ashley reacted by -- you guessed it -- sobbing in front of the camera.

Mikey Tenerelli felt rejected, too, after going on a date with Clare last week. She tried to explain to him that she'd been honest with him about her intentions from the start, but he didn't want to hear it.

Side note: Clare delivered a very entertaining moment earlier in the show, crying in front of a raccoon that was nibbling on a bottle of wine.

On Monday night's episode of "Bachelor in Paradise," Jared and Clare will go on their date, and the women will hand out roses. It airs at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.