'Bachelor In Paradise' Sneak Preview: See Jillian Anderson's Excited Entrance

Anderson was famously followed by a black box during "The Bachelor."

— -- "The Bachelorette" just ended, but fans of the franchise now have something else to look forward to: "Bachelor in Paradise."

In a preview for the ABC dating series, which premieres Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET, Jillian Anderson, who was followed by a black box during Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor," makes an excited entrance.

"Jillian enters and she has some enhancement," noted Ashley Iaconetti, who also competed on Chris Soules' season.

"Jillian walked down in that bright, bright yellow yellow bikini," added Jonathan Holloway failed to win over Kaitlyn Bristowe during "The Bachelorette." "I was like, 'Can I just take a bite out of that?'"

Also making appearances in the clip: Jade from Chris Soules' "Bachelor," Jared from the most recent "Bachelorette" season and more.