'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Graham Bunn Explains Why He Gave AshLee Frazier Another Chance

PHOTO: Graham Bunn and AshLee Frazier from "Bachelor in Paradise."Bob D'Amico/ABC
Graham Bunn and AshLee Frazier from "Bachelor in Paradise."

Graham Bunn was horrified to learn that his "Bachelor In Paradise" girlfriend, AshLee Frazier, had said so many mean things about their co-star Clare Crawley.

However, he accepted a rose from her shortly thereafter anyway.

"I had genuine interest in her so I wanted to make sure that I gave it every opportunity. I didn't want to have any regrets," he told ABC News. "At this point, AshLee [hadn't] given me her side. I wasn't prepared to make a final judgment on the potential relationship at this point."

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Bunn told ABC News on Tuesday that discovering what Frazier had said made him question her character. And though he declined to say how their relationship is now, or give any other information about what happens between them later in the season, he reiterated that "I for sure see her differently than when I first showed up."

After discovering details of Frazier's fight with Crawley, Bunn looked physically ill and left the rose ceremony briefly before Frazier gave him the rose. As he stumbled away, sweaty and lightheaded, the only person who rushed to his side to help him was Michelle Money, who wondered why Frazier didn't act concerned.

"It was so hot, I was still lightheaded and I had been battling food poisoning throughout the week, so I was really dehydrated, but I was a little stressed out [too]," he explained, adding that he also considered leaving the show. "[Frazier's inaction] didn't register until the next day when I started to feel better. Looking back on it, I was disappointed. I wish AshLee had dropped everything to make sure I was OK because I would do that for her."

When asked for hints about what will happen later in the season, Bunn just suggested that viewers stick with the show for "major surprises." ("Right now it seems like everyone's settling in, but it's going to get wacky real quick," he promised.) He also said that viewers will soon see a different side of Frazier, who has been bashed by many co-stars over the past few episodes.

"She possesses a lot [of good qualities] and I don't regret a second that I spent with her in Mexico," Bunn said. "[However] I'm not perfect. I make mistakes."