'The Bachelor' Preview: Taylor Tells Corrine She Lacks 'Maturity' to Date Nick Viall

Taylor is one of the women who feel Corinne isn't right for Nick Viall.

— -- The gloves are off and one "Bachelor" contestant is telling Corinne exactly how she feels about her -- that she's not good enough for Nick Viall.

In an exclusive preview of tonight's episode, Taylor is seen sitting down with Corinne. But it doesn't take long for Corinne to figure out this won't be a friendly chat.

"My concern is just not feeling confident that you are in a place to enter into a committed, fulfilling relationship," Taylor says to Corinne in the preview.

In a separate interview, Taylor, 23, explains why she confronted Corinne.

"My point in my conversation with Corinne is that the emotional intelligence level is lower," she says in the preview, "and that sounds mean but it's the f------ truth."

Of course the conversation didn't go well with Corinne.

"Listen, I'm not an idiot. I run a multi-million dollar company and I don't appreciate you treating me like an idiot so stop treating me like a f------ idiot, Taylor," she screams.

The company that Corinne, 24, is referring to is her family's business that focuses on "doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings," according to an interview she did with Glamour magazine earlier this month.

Still, the rest of "The Bachelor" contestants have been questioning Corinne's maturity level after she revealed in the season premiere that she has a nanny named Raquel.

"She does everything for me," she said during the January 2 premiere. "I'm a kid. Raquel keeps my life together. She makes sure that my bed is made every morning, makes my cucumber and vegetable slices for lunch and cheese pasta."

See how this conversation ends when ABC's “The Bachelor” returns at 8 p.m. ET/PT.