'The Bachelor' Recap: The Bachelorettes Visit Ben's Hometown

PHOTO: Ben Higgins enjoys a date with Jo Jo at Wrigley Field. PlayABC
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It was time to visit Ben Higgins' hometown Monday night on ABC's "The Bachelor."

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The six remaining women headed to Warsaw, Indiana, where they were entertained by Higgins.

First up was Lauren B. Ben gave her a tour of the area before taking her to a local youth center where he once volunteered. In a romantic moment, Ben had to kiss Lauren when a boy made a half-court shot.

Ben surprised the kids by introducing them to members of the Indiana Pacers, including All-Star Paul George.

Later, Ben and Lauren chatted about Leah's allegations last week that Lauren acts differently around Ben. The issue is now behind them.

JoJo was invited to the second date, which was set in Chicago. She and Ben had the opportunity to walk around Wrigley Field, the home of his favorite baseball team, the Cubs. During a romantic dinner in center field, JoJo opened up about the insecurities she's had in the past about love. "I'm scared. I can confidently say that I care about you more than anything," she admitted.

The date ended with JoJo and Ben kissing by home plate.

The group date involved Amanda, Becca and Caila, who spent time with Ben on a farm. He said it wasn't an easy decision to hand out only one rose on the date. "I'm going to give the rose to somebody today that I really want them to feel confident that I'm ready to meet their family," he explained.

That person turned out to be Amanda. She and Ben continued the date, leaving Becca and Caila behind. They worked a drive-thru at McDonald's before receiving a very warm welcome at a carnival.

For the final date of the episode, Ben surprised twin Emily by introducing her to his parents. Afterward, Ben decided to let her go, telling her, "I don't want to necessarily say goodbye but I know it's [for] the best because I don't see that next step for us."

At the rose ceremony, Ben sent home another one of the bachelorettes: Becca. "I didn't know how else to do this without feeling like it was going to blindside you, and because of that I thought the best decision was to just do this before the families got involved," he explained to her.

Ben will meet the families of the remaining bachelorettes on next Monday night's episode.