'The Bachelor' Recap: A Beach Day and a Fairytale Date for Chris Soules

Find out who was eliminated during a one-on-one and who made big revelations.

He invited eight women to join him at a beach at southern California's Lake Piru for the day. They camped under the stars, too.

This did not sit well with Kelsey, who at one point admitted to the cameras that she was having a miserable time at such a "hellhole" and was forcing herself to smile in front of Chris. A bee then swooped in and stung her on the leg, adding to her discomfort.

As the women sat around the campfire at night, Chris spent alone time with Ashley S., who continued her strange antics. She made a series of nonsensical comments and kissed him at awkward times. Eventually, the other ladies called out for Chris, essentially saving the "Bachelor" in the process.

Kaitlyn, the dance instructor from Vancouver, earned the group rose to the dismay of Ashley I., who later sneaked into Chris' tent. She wanted to reveal to him that she's a virgin, but she put it in such vague terms that Chris didn't understand what she was getting at.

As the beach date was unfolding, seven women at the Bachelor mansion were interviewed by Chris' three sisters, who were tasked with choosing the contestant for the one-on-one date. They settled on Jade, a cosmetics developer from Los Angeles, who would be transformed into a Cinderella-type princess for a magical ball.

Later, the seven women filled in the others on what had happened. Ashley I., who seemed to believe she's princess material, was so jealous of Jade that she decided to throw herself a ball, wearing a fancy dress. Of course, Ashley I. was ridiculed behind her back for this.

After three stylists worked with Jade, she was taken to the ball to meet Chris, who wasn't told beforehand that her sisters had chosen her. He was pleased with his sisters' decision, and gave Jade a rose. Afterward, they enjoyed music from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra as well as a preview of the upcoming movie "Cinderella" from Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

For the other group date, Chris and six women traveled to San Francisco. There, the bachelorettes had to compete in a mud run while wearing wedding gowns. News producer Jillian was the winner; her prize was a romantic night in the city with Chris. The losers were sent home.

Jillian's victory was short-lived. At dinner, Chris confessed that he didn't view her as a potential wife for him. Chris declined to present her with a rose, resulting in Jillian's elimination.

At the cocktail party, Ashley I. revisited her tent conversation with Chris and clarified to him that she is a virgin. Becca subsequently revealed to the ladies that she's a virgin, too.

Chris grew a bit agitated after Britt told him she'd heard Kaitlyn received a rose on the beach date after she took her clothes off, and that other women had felt excluded during the outing. Feeling his integrity had been called into question, Chris told the women, "I'm here to find a wife and if any of you question that you're more than welcome to go home."

Britt was the final bachelorette to be given a rose at the rose ceremony. Three women were dismissed, including Ashley S. and single mom Juelia.

Eleven women remain on "The Bachelor," which continues next Monday night on ABC.