'The Bachelor' Recap: Corinne Feuds With the Women; Raven Makes a Connection

Nick Viall took the contestants to his Wisconsin hometown.

— -- On Monday night’s episode of "The Bachelor," Nick Viall called it one of his favorite weeks ever -- but it’s likely Corinne didn’t feel the same.

As Vanessa continued to confront Nick about his behavior with Corinne in the bouncy house, Taylor and Sarah went directly to Corinne -- telling her that the other girls were upset with her behavior and warning that she’d better get her act together.

At the rose ceremony, the other women hoped Corinne was headed home, but ultimately, Nick saved the last rose for his trouble-making bouncy-house partner. Christen and Brittany were sent on their way.

This season, hometown dates came a little early, and the entire troupe headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Nick grew up. Danielle L. spent the day exploring Nick’s favorite haunts, even managing to make an encounter with one of his exes go smoothly.

At dinner, Danielle opened up about how her own parents’ divorce made her uneasy about finding happiness for herself. The night ended with a rose for Danielle and a surprise serenade, as she and Nick danced while country singer Chris Lane performed his latest hit, “For Her.”

With the show relocated to dairy country, it only made sense that the group date would be on a dairy farm. From feeding and milking cows to shoveling poop -- the ever-troubled Corinne was having none of it. Sitting out the poop-scooping portion of the date once again landed her in hot water with the rest of the bachelorettes.

With a rose on the line, both Sarah and Kristina clashed with Corinne, questioning her intentions. Feeling neglected by Nick, Corinne decided to steal some one-on-one time, but to her dismay, it ended without a kiss. Things only got worse for her when Nick excitedly awarded Kristina the rose.

Nick seemed to connect with his most promising partner so far, choosing Raven for a one-on-one date to a soccer game with his little sister, Bella. Raven not only won Bella over, but got to meet Nick’s parents as well. As the soccer game transitioned to a trip to the skating rink with Bella and her friends, Nick and Raven’s connection only seemed to grow.

On a romantic nighttime date at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Raven opened up about catching her most recent boyfriend in an act of infidelity. Nick seemed unfazed by the uncomfortable details, and wasted no time giving Raven a rose.

Meanwhile, Corinne and Taylor continued on their collision course, and each was determined to set the other straight. The show ended with the promise that only one of them will survive next week’s episode.

We’ll find out which one it is, when "The Bachelor" airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.