'The Bachelor' Recap: Corrine’s Latest Antics and Vanessa’s Zero Gravity Date

Find out what went down last night!

— -- On Monday’s episode of "The Bachelor," Nick Viall started with some damage control, admitting he’d slept with Liz at his friends’ wedding. But he ultimately decided to send her home after questioning her motives.

Undaunted by the revelation, Corinne continued her efforts to commandeer Nick’s affections, planning to seduce him with only an overcoat and a can of whipped cream.

Still cautious after his sticky situation with Liz, Nick stopped Corinne from taking things as far as she’d hoped.

Since she already had a rose, a disappointed Corinne opted to sleep through the ceremony, much to the dismay of both Nick and the rest of the women. Elizabeth, Hailey and Lacey were sent home.

Danielle emerged as the champion, enjoying her one-on-one time with Nick and grabbing a kiss or two, much to Corinne’s dismay. In the end, Danielle walked away with the rose -- but not before Corinne confessed to the other girls that even though she’s 24, she still has a nanny who takes care of her.

Vanessa floated away with the only one-on-one date of the night, enjoying a zero gravity flight with Nick. While the two enjoyed making out during the weightless portion of the ride, Vanessa was embarrassed when she got sick later on the plane.

Nick comforted her, and they transitioned seamlessly to a romantic date atop LA’s tallest building. Vanessa shared the story of how her grandfather had passed away only three weeks before the show, paving the way for more intimacy with Nick. Before the evening was over, Vanessa had a rose.

Next up was the Nickathalon, a group date where three Olympians led seven girls through track-and-field events to see who’d get some one-on-one time in the hot tub with Nick. Even though Dominique technically came out on top, she failed to grab the ring required to win, so Astrid ended up with one-on-one time with Nick.

Dominique voiced her displeasure over how the day had gone, which ended up being her one-way ticket home as Nick sent her packing. Ultimately, he opted to give Rachel the rose.

As the episode came to a close with a pool party for all the bachelorettes, Corinne was once again back to her antics, managing some steamy alone time in a bouncy house with Nick -- a move the others girls definitely thought was too much.

Vanessa was just one of the women who voiced her outrage to Nick, going so far as to say she’d rather forgo her rose if this is how Nick plans to behave.

Find out what happens next when "The Bachelor" continues next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.