'The Bachelor' Recap: Jimmy Kimmel Serves as Guest

PHOTO: Jimmy Kimmel crashes Chris Soules date on "The Bachelor."PlayABC
WATCH Sneak Peek at Jimmy Kimmel's 'Bachelor' Cameo

Jimmy Kimmel brought his comedic talents to primetime Monday night, guest-hosting a new episode of "The Bachelor" on ABC.

The late-night host organized dates, tested the women in ways they hadn't been tested before, and, of course, cracked lots of jokes.

Upon his arrival to the mansion, Kimmel quipped that he would help "Bachelor" Chris Soules make a decision on all the ladies by sleeping with them.

He also introduced what he called the "amazing jar." He pointed out that the word "amazing" is often used by "Bachelor" stars, so he warned that anyone who uttered the word during his guest-hosting stint would be forced to contribute a dollar bill to the jar.

He tossed in a couple of dollars himself after saying the word while explaining the rules of the jar. The jar was filled with bills by the end of the episode.

For the first one-on-one date, dance instructor Kaitlyn, 29, was invited on what she believed to be an outing at a high-end club. But both she and Chris were surprised when they were taken to a Costco location, where they were ordered to stock up on beef jerky, mayonnaise, ketchup and other items for Jimmy.

Jimmy later joined them for dinner, and he made the date even more uncomfortable by asking Kaitlyn whether she'd be upset if she were to win the competition but discover afterward that Chris had slept with other women in the fantasy suite.

Kaitlyn claimed she wouldn't be angry because, "You can't take out a car without test-driving it." Kaitlyn received a rose, and had a make-out session with Chris in a hot tub, as Jimmy looked on from the other side of the tub, eating chicken wings.

On the group date, Jimmy tested 12 women's farming skills by placing them in a relay race. The ladies had to milk a goat, shovel manure and chase after pigs. The winner was Carly, a cruise ship singer from Texas.

o celebrate the occasion, Jimmy had Chris and Carly pose for a photo that recreated the famous American Gothic painting.

Becca, a chiropractic assistant, was the lucky recipient of the group date rose.

Chris brought fertility nurse Whitney to wine country for a Jimmy-free date. There, they crashed a wedding, with Chris telling guests that Whitney was his fiancee. The night ended with Whitney accepting a rose.

Back at his “Bachelor” pad, Chris and Jimmy showered together for what was the funniest moment of the episode. The highlight was Chris and Jimmy’s washing one another's back.

Jimmy informed the women that the cocktail party was canceled and that a pool party would be held instead. During the bash, Ashley I. shed tears, essentially because she was jealous of the time Jillian was able to spend with Chris. She eventually had the chance to hang out with Chris, hug it out with him, and kiss him.

Ashley I. was the final bachelorette to receive a rose at the rose ceremony. Three women were eliminated, including Amber. The episode closed with a sketch in which usual "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison dismissed Kimmel, leaving Kimmel to cry in his limo.

"The Bachelor" continues next Monday night on ABC.