'The Bachelorette': Chase McNary Explains His Angry Reaction to Getting Eliminated

PHOTO: Chase and JoJo from "The Bachelorette."PlayAdam Larkey/ABC
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JoJo Fletcher figured out in the fantasy suite that she didn't reciprocate Chase McNary's feelings.

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However, after she told him as much, he reacted angrily, stormed out of the room and cracked a beer as he got into the waiting vehicle.

It's a response that he came to regret, he explained.

"I think it’s any man’s reaction that as soon as something like that happens, you’re just like, 'I’m gonna have a beer and make the best of the situation,'" he told ABC News. "I think at that moment I was ultimately just in so much shock and despair and confusion. Because the whole day prior to that and the whole hometown prior to that went so well that why would it go so wrong? So for it to be on such a high note to end on such a hard note, I was in shock and I reacted in a way I wish I wouldn’t have."

After his blow-up, Fletcher seemed upset -- and McNary said that off-screen, he was too. Toward the end of the episode, he returned to the show to smooth things over with the "Bachelorette" star after hearing from some of the producers that she was hurt and "struggling with a hard breakup."

"I definitely woke up the next morning just not feeling right. [The producers and I] had a long conversation about it and I just knew some more closure needed to be had and I didn’t want to wait until the 'Men Tell All' [taping] for that to finish," McNary said.

"I’m grateful that they let me do that," he continued. "That last conversation was important to me so JoJo knew I wasn't mad at her -- so she knew I was impressed by her and proud of her."

But did he think that she might offer him a second chance? McNary insisted that he didn't devote too much thought to that prospect, as "that's not what I went to ask for."

"I'm a calm guy. I'm an understanding guy. I know the situation," he said. "I just didn't want her to have that on her shoulders going into one of the biggest decisions of her life."