'The Bachelorette': JoJo Finds Out What Chad's All About

Who did she send home?

"I have not gone out of my way to attack anybody," Chad insisted.

At the pool party JoJo threw in lieu of a cocktail party, Evan took part in a synchronized dive that left him with a bloody nose. JoJo jokingly asked Chad if he was responsible.

During a later conversation with JoJo, Chad tried to explain his shock when she awarded Evan the most recent group date rose. He compared himself to steak and Evan to ice cream.

Chad became upset -- again -- when Derek explained to JoJo that the security at the mansion was because of Chad. Chad had a heated confrontation with Derek, who accused him of being on the show to get face-time with the cameras.

Despite his baggage, Chad received the final rose at the ensuing rose ceremony. Three men were eliminated, including Ali and Nick B, though Chad would get the hook later.

Following the rose ceremony, JoJo and the 14 remaining bachelors headed east to Pennsylvania, where she invited Chad and Alex on a two-on-one date. In that scenario, one person advances, and the other goes home. Before the date, Chad got feisty again and threatened Jordan, suggesting he could track Jordan down at his home if he wanted to.

Alex informed JoJo of Chad's latest blowup during a hiking expedition. Chad essentially shrugged it off, telling JoJo he didn't know of a better way to handle the other bachelors.

He demonstrated as much moments later, when he lied down next to Alex and said he'd hurt him if he knew he wouldn't get in trouble for it.

JoJo joined them and asked Chad point blank if he's ever threatened anyone in the house. He didn't deny the Jordan incident but said he didn't have other options.

And with that, Chad got the boot from JoJo. It wasn't an amicable split -- he called her "fake" to the cameras, and stated, "Now I gotta go find Alex." He showed up to the place where the bachelors were staying, and knocked on the door. That's how the episode ended.

JoJo's Pennsylvania adventures began with a one-on-one date in which she had Luke chop wood and join her in a hot tub in the forest. He got a rose, and then he and JoJo slow danced to a performance by country group Dan + Shay.

"The Bachelorette" will be pre-empted next Monday night due to ABC's NBA Finals coverage. The show returns June 20.