‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher, Fiancé Jordan Rodgers Reveal Future Wedding Plans

“He keeps saying, ‘Let’s go to Vegas,’" Fletcher said of Rodgers.

— -- JoJo Fletcher found love on last night’s “Bachelorette” finale. She is now happily engaged to Jordan Rodgers after saying yes to his beachfront proposal in Thailand.

“It’s so surreal,” Rodgers added. “It feels like it took forever, and now it seems like it flew by. It’s really weird.”

The happy couple said an official wedding date has not yet been set, but they’re “thinking about it.”

“Next year sometime,” Rodgers explained. “We’re throwing around some dates.”

Fletcher said her fiancé keeps discussing the idea of eloping, but if it’s up to her, that won’t be happening.

“He keeps saying, ‘Let’s go to Vegas,’ and I’m like, ‘We’re going to plan this one,’” she said.

When asked if America will see their magical nuptials on television, Fletcher explained, “I think there’s always a chance.”

The lovebirds are still reliving their romantic proposal, enjoying watching it unfold again with their viewers.

“I watched the proposal a couple times and was tearing up,” said Fletcher. “It was such a beautiful moment then and just being able to watch it back was so amazing and beautiful to see. I mean, I cried. It was great for me.”

“It was good to watch it back for me because I was so nervous and didn’t know exactly what I said,” the former NFL quarterback added. “I think it came out good.”

Who does Fletcher think would make the best new “Bachelor” next season?

“If you ask me personally, I think both Luke and Chase are great options,” she said. “Maybe they could do a double one like they did with Kaitlyn [Bristowe] and Britt [Nilsson]. But Luke for sure. And Chase is amazing."

“I think Robby’s a great choice too,” she continued. “But when I sent Luke home, America died. There was an overwhelming amount of support and love for him and I totally get it.”

Fletcher said she does plan to take Rodgers’ last name when they wed.