Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay sounds off on Men Tell All

Rachel Lindsay has three men remaining on the show.

Lindsay told ABC News that before taking the stage, she was "so excited" to see all the men, but all that changed when she stepped out in front of them.

"I could feel the same emotions as when I was on the journey again. They say out of sight, out of mind, and that is so true," seh said. "Because walking on that stage and sitting there, I had to confront them and I could feel some of those emotions come back. So it was harder than I thought."

Lindsay, 32, is nearing the end of her time on the show, and at this point, has only three men remaining: Bryan, Eric, and Peter. In last week's episode, she eliminated Dean after meeting his family, and seeing him at "Men Tell All" was difficult, she said.

"I haven’t shied away from talking about how I felt about my top four. When I told Dean I was falling in love with him, I was. And I have a lot of love for Dean, even still today, and he means so much to me," she said. "So to sit there on the couch, and hear him question me and not have the closure that he needed, that was hard. I’m not even gonna lie, that was probably one of the hardest parts of the night."

However, in spite of the drama from "Men Tell All," Lindsay has an exciting event on the horizon: the airing of the season finale next week. The Dallas-based attorney told ABC News that she's looking forward to going public with her fiance, whom she told ABC News is the "yin to my yang."

"I think what I’ve learned the most is he is who he says he is. That’s what’s been so beautiful," she said. "The fear is, are you the same off camera that you are on camera, and he is so much better. And I love that. And I love the balance we have with each other."