'The Bachelorette' Recap: The Men Sumo Wrestle and Teach a Sex-Ed Class

Get all the details of Monday night's episode.

The episode picked up where last week’s show left off. After Kaitlyn Bristowe informed Kupah she was sending him home before the rose ceremony, he refused to go quietly, becoming extremely agitated as the "Bachelorette" crew tried to conduct a post-elimination interview with him outside the mansion. The show ended with Kaitlyn stepping outside to intervene.

On Monday, she approached Kupah, who declared that he didn’t want to go home. Kaitlyn urged him to accept her decision, noting that he was creating an uncomfortable situation and that “nothing’s gonna change right now." Kupah eventually calmed down and left quietly.

Kaitlyn then recapped for the other bachelors what had go on, explaining that every conversation she had with Kupah was “argumentative” and “it was just not going in the right direction.”

Kaitlyn hoped there would be no more drama on the next set of dates, but that didn’t happen, as we’ll find out later.

Bristowe then held a rose ceremony in which Cory and Daniel were sent home.

The second part of the date was a round-robin tournament between the bachelors, in front of an audience. When Tony didn’t show up, Kaitlyn hoped he was calming down and “just getting his Zen on back at the house.”

Unfortunately, Tony became more upset, deciding to “walk away from the competition on [his] own terms.” Tony later confronted Kaitlin, telling her he couldn’t “take part in this circus.”

At a get-together at the mansion, Bristowe and Shawn B. went outside where they kissed, and she handed him the rose from the sumo wrestling group date. Bristowe later told the camera that being with Shawn B. “just feels right.”

The two then then had a romantic evening together. He told a story about the passing of his mother when he was young and how he refused to cry because he needed to be strong and has never been able to cry since. Off camera, Kaitlyn said he would make a great husband and the two later sipped champagne in a hot tub and she handed him a rose.

One more group date included Ben H., Jared, Jonathan, Joshua, and Ryan B., who were summoned by Kaitlyn with the massage, “Let’s learn to love.” The five were taken to an elementary school where they were each tasked with teaching sex education to a class of young kids. What they don’t know is that the date was actually a prank and the kids were all actors.

Bristowe gave all five an A-plus, but Ben H. emerged the clear winner, taking the opportunity to tie their relationship into his lesson. She told the camera that she was looking for him to “bring the heat” later that night, noting that if he did it’s “game on.” He didn’t disappoint her, demonstrating he’s, in her words, “passionate and knows how to kiss,” but Jared provided some serious competition during their time alone together. Jared was disappointed, though, when she presented the rose to Ben.

While they were away, Clint, who’s had a bromance with JJ, told the camera he went on "The Bachelorette" to meet a woman, but ended up “falling in love with a man.” He also revealed that he wanted to stay, not because he’s attracted to Bristowe, but because he likes hanging with JJ.

Clint, sensing Kaitlyn had lost interested in him after he came off too intense during the wrestling date, interrupts the rose ceremony to take her aside and explain his behavior. She bought his speech, but reconsidered after the other men tried to convince her that he and JJ are not in the competition for the right reasons. Will she let them stay, or show them the door? We’ll find out when a new episode of "The Bachelorette" airs next week.

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